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How is artificial intelligence transforming customer support service in current times?

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AI has taken customer service by storm. There is a lot of discussion now regarding how AI can transform customer experience by providing excellent customer service.

Most of the communications in inbound call centre services revolved around the phone. Now with digital technology emerging and constantly evolving, the use of emails, live chats and instant messaging services is also on the rise. These channels are data heavy and are very suitable for automation via Artificial Intelligence.

It also means that agents can cover more ground by roping in Artificial Intelligence to aid them in resolving issues via emails, live chat, instant messaging, etc.

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Natural Language Processing: This is a form of AI that can screen, analyse, interpret and understand communications and respond accordingly. It can be used in chat bots to converse with customers, or screen email and text messages and route these communications to the right agent. NLP equipped IVR systems can shorten calls and leads to more successful call resolutions. NLP can also help in data analysis and allows businesses to find what they lack in.

Machine Learning: This is another capability of AI that allows systems to learn from large amounts of data.

How can AI assist these customer support agents?

Connecting with the customers: AI-powered messaging services are efficient, effective tools to build relationships with your customers.

Accuracy and speed: AI powered customer service systems can help agents deliver more accurate and swift assistance. Businesses can delight customers by offering pre-emptive services based on historic interactions. With AI you get reduced wait times, quick resolutions and prompt escalations.

Smarter self-service: With AI self service interfaces can be made more intuitive. This is possible due to AI’s learning capabilities. Customer patterns, past issues, customer decisions and preferences help systems predict future choices, generate alert messages, suggest discounts, etc.

Cost effective services: Call centre outsourcing companies spend a lot on staffing, training and retraining. And they require a large facility to support large teams that work various shifts to provide round-the clock service. On the other hand AI enabled systems need to programmed and trained just once. Since AI is swifter you can get more work done in less time. You can maintain a smaller staff head count.

Higher reliability: AI takes away the barriers and biases of humans out of the picture. It eliminates negative human emotions thus providing frictionless communication with the customer. If it is unable to solve issues by itself, an AI powered system escalates it promptly.

AI can help shift the weight off customer service agents. It makes 24/7 service smoother through uninterrupted tireless services. Precise and continuous analysis through AI will benefit customer service agents and customers alike. Common queries can be handled by bots while customer service agents can focus on more complex tasks and use their decision making skills. All in all, the agents can be empowered to provide good customer service. Phykon is always for you regarding excellent customer service and inbound call centre services.