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How Smart Bluetooth is Part of Your Daily Life

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Emma Marie

@ Blogger | | Science-Technology

Do you see that mobile phone icon that displays a ribbon? The one that faces the right side? Yes! That’s the one! The amazing Smart Bluetooth! If you are unaware of it, that small ribbon has been a part of your daily life. Still can’t seem to believe it? Then read on to know more about it.

How Smart Bluetooth is Part of Your Daily Life


With today’s technological advancements, you can lock your front door using your phone. By just downloading a phone application, you can lock and unlock your door with just a click on your phone. Although it can also perform its function over a Wi-Fi connection, it can also connect through Smart Bluetooth. In fact, it can sense if you are locking your door, hence, in this instance, a deadbolt. Similarly, unlocking is also an easy task.


Ideal for taking calls or for simply listening to music. The headset is a small device that you can hook in your ear, and take it anywhere with you. Although you are not physically in contact with your phone, you can still use your phone’s call and music functions through a Smart Bluetooth connection. Although headsets only connect to one ear, you can use headphones for both ears.


Those simple wristwatches no longer just tell you the date today and the time at this moment. In fact, it tells you if there are incoming calls and calendar activities. Email and social media notifications can also be seen through this wristwatch. Amazing, isn’t it? All these are possible through the wristwatch’s Smart Bluetooth connection with your phone. Apart from these, your wristwatch can also update you regarding the weather changes and can vibrate once the alarm is on.


Even the most unexpected things are connected through Smart Bluetooth! Hence, shoes! Astoundingly, basketball shoes today have been equipped with sensors connected to your mobile phone. Of course, the connection is made possible with Smart Bluetooth, but what’s the deal with these basketball shoes? Well, it measures your play conditions while you are in court. Your steps and leaps are being tracked per second. Once these playing statistics are recorded on your phone, you can share it in your social media accounts.

Weighing Scale

Banking on the fitness and wellness trend of today, even weighing scales are Smart Bluetooth-enabled! Connect your weighing scale to your mobile phone to keep track of your daily weight. Not only that, you can also monitor your Body Mass Index or BMI through this weighing scale. Through this, you can closely monitor your progress in your diet plans, and amend any strategy if needed. If you want, you can even share your progress with your friends on social media.

Who would ever think that that tiny ribbon in your mobile phone can do so much? It can connect things that were seemingly impossible to link before, but everything seems possible today with Smart Bluetooth. In fact, there is no need for mandatory internet connection. Linkages can be formed with just Bluetooth connectivity. Indeed, people should never underestimate the power of the tiny ribbon!