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How To Choose The Best Online Home Theater Remote Control?

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Home theaters are designed to meet the requirements of a luxurious lifestyle and a bad choice of online home theater remote control can ruin the high-end audio experience. It is very quintessential to have a high aesthetically designed remote control to play your home theater because there are so many features which you definitely won’t like to control through a complex or less featured remote. Nowadays there are many high end one AV components available in the market which come with very basic controllers that don’t cater an intuitive user experience. Here is where you find a dire requirement to buy home theater remote control which or a good universal remote system which won’t limit your use when you play home theater or any audio system.

There are many remote control systems available like Logitech’s Harmony platform and custom-oriented systems - Control 4 and Restriction. They must be programmed by a trained installer which will allow you to control a variety of whole-house applications such as multi-room music to lighting to HVAC to security.

How To Choose Online Home Theater Remote Control

In the online market, you can find ample of universal remote controls which are stuffed with great features. Are they all required by you? Is the remote control going out of your budget? Well, there are multiple factors which keep going on when you are about to invest in something special like home theater remote control. Let crawl through the bests available in the market:

If you are choosing Logitech’s Harmony range, you need to keep in mind the major two camps in this line. One genre that works with a bridge and the second one doesn’t work with the bridge. The bridge is also known as the Harmony Hub, is a single device that is bundled with remotes across the high end of Logitech’s Harmony line.

The Hub works as a monstrous IR blaster and plugs into the wall power. It relays Bluetooth commands and Wi-Fi which helps you to control your TV and other high ends products such as home theater and AC.

The standalone remotes include the standard infrared features or just like infrared remotes which can be programmed via PC. One can use their phone or tablet with these remotes.

If you are savvy of grabbing extra function, extra looks and extra features like lights, thermostats and other “smart” home functions, Logitech Harmony remote systems sustain the best position in the list. The Wi-Fi connection gives your remote access to far more than just your home theater system. Home devices like smart thermostats, light controllers or home security cameras use your home network to receive commands and send data and in these cases, the remote can be highly useful.

Do you know that the Logitech Harmony 950 universal remote features a swipe and tap color touch screen?

The Harmony Smart remotes incorporate your controls into macros and function like a time brain. For instance, just a single finger tap would be enough to control the thermostat in the morning time or to turn on or off the bedroom lights or to start your home theater.