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How To Create A Blog In 2020?

Blog: How To Create A Blog

Kaustubh Tipz

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How to create a blog in 2020?

You are landed in the right place. Blogging is an absolutely correct decision in 2020. In this article, I’ll teach you to create a blog and ways to make passive income from a blog.

Blog in simple terms is a platform to express your ideas and experiences to your readers.

Also, you can provide value to your readers and earn a living through it.

Some of the core benefits of blogging in 2020:-

1. Choose a perfect niche for your dream blog

Niche selection is one of the crucial steps to start a blog.

Many bloggers skip this step and later there is little to no chance to grow the blog.

Before moving to the next part, these are some benefits of selecting a perfect niche.

2. Choose a fast and smooth hosting

Choosing a hosting is the most important part to create a blog in 2020. You may be thinking to buy cheap hosting for your website.

These are the benefits of investing in the best hosting:-

✔ Faster Page Loads

✔ Low Operating Costs

✔ Improves On-Page SEO

Once you have bought a domain and hosting you can build a blogging website.

Nice Article. Please tell which hosting is best for  Blogging

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