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How to diversify the wedding menu - 5 creative ideas

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Your wedding celebration does not necessarily have to be expensive and chic, that all the guests remembered it and received a huge amount of aesthetic and taste impressions. Just a few creative ideas can turn the most traditional wedding menu into a modern and trendy.

You have a wedding: portioned desserts

Modernize the tradition of carrying out and cutting the wedding cake, replacing it with the removal of colorful and multi-colored portion desserts. They are much more convenient and serve, and there is.

Serve sweet portion desserts in a three-story retro desk - they will look very attractive in it. Chocolate cookies, cottage cheese pockets or donuts with icing - order everything you like and invite guests to try all these types of delicacies.

Wedding menu: some tropics

It doesn’t matter where you’re celebrating your wedding — by the ocean or in a luxurious restaurant — you’ll still add a bit of tropics to the traditional European menu. Offer guests cocktails with original tropical names and give up plastic flowers and paper umbrellas. Or just take care of a wide selection of fresh fruit drinks.

Wedding table: do not forget about the appetizer

Prepare all those invited to the banquet according to all the rules of gastronomic art and offer them an exquisite appetizer, that is, an appetizing meal. You can choose both guacamole (avocado paste), and cold gazpacho soup, and tarts with tomatoes and eggplants. Or something else to your taste.

Note to the note: comfortable food

Convenient to eat dishes are always a huge success at parties. And if they are also unusually packaged, your invitees will surely remember your creativity and ingenuity. The secret is very simple - even the simplest food, for example, hamburgers or french fries, will be of interest, if you submit it in original colored cups.

Wedding menu: alternative to cold cuts

An alternative to the usual meat and cheese cutting will help to diversify your wedding menu . Offer guests a set with a variety of spicy, soy, spicy and sweet-sour sauces and unusual cheeses and bread. Let them choose what to mix and soak in with what.

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