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How To Have The Most Adventurous Californian Holiday?

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The Beach Boys must have been on to something as they had a couple of songs about California. If the thought of California conjures up exotic beaches and breath-taking scenery, you’re not far off. You need to arrange some van rental, so we can hit the road and explore a few of the most amazing destinations California has on offer!

Orange County Great Park

Grab the best van rental Irvine can offer and head off to Orange County Great Park. No humble beginnings for this fascinating destination that was once the Marine Corps Air Station El Toro. Stretched across an almighty 1,300 acres, you could spend several days here and still have many activities not ticked off your list. Here are a few of the choice activities that are a must to check out:

·         Great Park Balloon – Tethered balloon ride, 400 feet in the air!

·         Ice Facility – A magnificent 280,000 square-foot facility, featuring 3 NHL sized rinks and Olympic sized rink.

·         Great Park Carousel – A must for entertaining the young ones.

·         Kids Rock Playground – For the even younger ones, enjoy this nature-themed playground.

·         Walkable Historical Timeline – If you’re a history fan, revel in this fabulous setup and encounter the most defining people and events in history.

Lake Tahoe

Quite a steep drive away from Irvine but oh so worth it!  Maybe grab a cargo van rental and enjoy a slow scenic drive through 5 national forests. Lake Tahoe holds quite a few treasures, but Emerald Bay is an especially remarkable site. If your dreams consist of crystalline blue waters set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, you’ve arrived! Strike up a hike on the 9 mile Rubicon Trail and drink in the ravishing lake views. If walking isn’t your thing, explore the lakes by boat or kayak.

Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle will just simply steal your heart. Definitely one of the most lavish historical attractions in California, the 165 rooms are set upon an incredible 127 acres of meandering walkways through landscaped gardens and dotted with quaint verandas and sparkling pools. Hearst Castle is usually on the top of every tourist’s list, so make sure to book your tickets in advance.

Santa Cruz, Channel Islands

On the drive back to Irvine to return either your van rental or cargo van rental, make your last stop is Santa Cruz. Just off the coast of Santa Barbara, only accessible by boat, this island would not be amiss in the Mediterranean. The boat trip itself is an adventure as you will be sure to spot a raft of sea lions, dolphins, and even whales. Get lost in the magnificent kelp forests, experience the breath-taking views while on a hiking trail, or take a dip in the tantalizing tide pools. What a way to end off your phenomenal Californian road trip!

We’ve only scratched the surface of the wonders that California has to offer, but we know you’ll be back!  So, wipe away your tears as you return your van rental Irvine.This place will welcome you back with open arms on your return.