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How to organize a wedding reception?

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At a modern wedding, you can often see a wedding reception instead of a feast - after all, this kind of guest treat is more convenient, cheaper and has more guests to socialize and have fun. But how to organize a wedding reception right? 

What is a wedding reception?

The word Buffet came to us from the French language and literally translates as "fork". Those. at the wedding reception, guests choose and take snacks and drinks for themselves with the help of forks and other appliances.

The emphasis on the wedding reception is on communication and cultural program, and the treat becomes a secondary object. Its function is to satisfy the hunger of the guests to raise their spirits.

What to serve at the wedding reception?

Buffet reception includes snacks, salads, sandwiches, all kinds of canapes. Treats should be portioned so that each guest can easily take a little of any treats on his plate. Traditionally, the dishes for the wedding buffet are beautifully decorated to make the buffet table look festive and luxurious. 

Since snacks are mainly served light, and alcohol is better to choose not too strong: champagne, wine, light liquors and, of course, - cocktails!

Tables for wedding reception

Tables for the wedding reception should be arranged so that every guest can easily get to any dish. The best options for the location of tables on the buffet table - in the form of letters W, D and P. The size of wedding tables should be calculated as follows: the number of guests is multiplied by 20 cm, and we get the total length of tables.

There is no need to put chairs on the tables, but a sufficient number of seats should be provided for - sofas, armchairs, puffs and even pillows on the floor, if the character of your wedding allows this setting.

Devices for wedding reception

Covering the table for the wedding reception, remember that each dish should be accompanied by equipment that guests can put food on their plate: tongs, spoons, forks. Also on a separate table should be located additional devices, napkins and glasses.

Do we need waiters?

If your wedding is held in a narrow circle, and the number of guests varies around the number 20, then about the wedding reception at the wedding reception is not required. However, with a large number of guests, you will not be able to independently control the fullness of dishes with treats, the amount of dirty or broken dishes, etc. Therefore, with a large number of guests it is worth hiring waiters for a wedding reception.

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