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How to save on organizing a New Year's wedding ?

Wedding Aaha

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The wedding budget , as a rule, is not at all rubbery, so the bride and groom, as well as their parents, have contrived to save on various, even the most unexpected things. Deciding to celebrate the wedding on the eve of the New Year, you get an incredible opportunity to avoid many extra costs. Wedding Aaha gives tips on how to better save on New Year's wedding .

Winter Wedding - time for discounts

That is what many organizers and wedding designers say. The reason is not limited opportunities, but the fact that at this time of the year there is a wave of sales and per-New Year discounts. In addition, winter is not very popular for weddings.

Wedding dress is cheap and beautiful

It is in winter that the largest number of sales in wedding salons and shops. Usually lower prices on dresses from past collections. If you do not rave about fashion and do not chase her like crazy, then you will save enough.

Another advantage - the lack of queues and hype. You can safely go shopping, try on everything that you liked and eventually return to the desired option, without fear that you will never see it again as soon as you exit the salon.

Discounts and promotions for wedding services

On the eve of the New Year, many wedding agencies offer big discounts on their services. This is due to the fact that in winter the weddings are celebrated a little, and it’s necessary to earn. That lure as they can.

The same applies to rental cars for the wedding, and photographers, and the toastmaster. Although the latter may be difficult. New Year is a time for corporate parties, where a presenter is always needed, which will not allow guests to become confused and lead the crowd. So think about the toastmaster in advance.

Banquet room for a wedding in the new year

By the New Year, all restaurants decorate the premises with lanterns, festoons, Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, Santa Claus figures, etc. So ordering a banquet hall for a wedding, you will significantly save by using the New Year's decoration of the hall, rather than hiring people for its special decoration.

Discounts on drinks and food

On the eve of Christmas and New Year holidays everywhere are full of signs and announcements of incredible discounts and sales . If you buy food and drinks for the wedding yourself, then this is the best time to get everything you need and save a lot. advises to go shopping at the wholesale base. Your head will spin when you see how much less you have spent preparing for your New Year's wedding .

On what to save will not work?

On what to save will not work, so it is on a wedding bouquet. You understand that the prices of flowers literally soar up to heaven during the holidays, so the excuse "not season" will not help you. And the harvest of flowers in winter is much poorer.

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