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How to select a BPO Call Center for your business?

Blog: How to select a BPO Call Center for your business

Angela Hooper

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The decision to outsource your business function to a third-party company is never easy. You have the fear of losing control of that business task, plus there are other risks such as confidentiality breach, data theft, etc. You have to be extremely careful and have to be on your toes while selecting a vendor for your business.

Although there are quite a large number of call centers in the world, this adds up to the problem. How to choose which company is best for my business? Will it deliver as it promising now? What if something goes out-of-hand? These are some of the questions that bother the business owners all over the world.

To make things worse, there are a number of parameters to check while finalizing the outsourcing vendor. These parameters would have been less if you are selecting call centers, but it increases when you are looking for a BPO organization.

There is a big difference between just a call center and a BPO company. While the call centers are known to offer assistance to the businesses on the phone call, a BPO firm is known to provide a 360-degree support to the businesses. This includes offering services on the call, emails, website, chat, text, etc.

So, how to choose which BPO call center is perfect for your business? Follow the mentioned-below tips and see how easy it becomes to select the right vendor:

Decide your business goals

While taking a decision to hire a BPO company, you have to first clear about what your business needs. Suppose you own an e-commerce store and are frustrated by the rising cart abandonment rate. Customers are coming to your website, they are adding up products, but for some reason, they are leaving the cart. What do you do? You look for a competent company that offers seamless chat support services as live chat helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate extraordinarily.

Similarly, when your business is impacted by the rising customer queries, hiring a call center would be most appropriate. Some of the companies look for an omnichannel assistance. These companies want the BPOs to assist customers on the website, social media channels, and on the calls as well.

So, it becomes extremely important that you decide which kind of service will enhance your business’s performance. BPO firms generally charge quite fairly so even if you require one or two services you won’t be charged for the entire package.

However, if you choose the wrong service for your business, the results that you would expect from outsourcing won’t appear and you would waste your investment.

Check the BPO call center’s reputation

If you will keep on exploring the web for different BPO companies, you would find some extraordinary websites claiming to be the leader of the industry. Do not trust the words written on the website. Instead, seek assistance from reviews of clients these vendors claim they have been serving. Look for customers’ feedback on the platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and see if anyone ever has talked bad about the company. Another alternative is that you call the company’s agent as a customer and look for yourself how proficiently are they conversing with you. Also, ask the outsourcing company to give the previous clients’ list so that you can contact them and inquire about the vendors’ reputation. If the BPO firm is not ready to share clients’ list, do not tie up with it.

Keep the contract transparent

Look for transparency while setting up the contract with your outsourcing partner. The contract should include every clause clearly and it should be open-ended. Your outsourcing partner should not have any problem in sharing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports with your managers.

Along with this, set up some metrics to keep a close watch on the BPO call center agents’ performance. Depending on what sort of services you are availing make sure to include the clause of assessing agents’ performance. This will keep up the transparency factor throughout the outsourcing process.  

Wrapping up

Outsourcing is beneficial only when you select a competent BPO firm. The tips discussed above will ensure that you end up with a proficient vendor for your business. Share your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!