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Importance of Impedance testing and method


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                  There are many importance of Impedance testing 

  • It ensures safety in building

It ensures safety in your building it checks essential for ensuring the safety of a building.

The damaged wire is a recipe by a disaster it checked all wires and remove the chances

Of fault, if in building due to high voltage any types of fault occur then it can be more risky for the safety of people as well as assets of buildings.

  • Useful for a business owner

It is also important for the business owner for every business owner it must necessary to

Provide a safe working environment for the employees if the fault occurred due to any reason then it damaged many values assets of the company so for your company and your employee's safety business man use impedance testing to avoid the future risk.

 Ensure projection house

Impedance testing is also very important of a house because of short circuits is also dangerous for the safety of the house so it also provides the safety form with this type of

Sort circuit problems.electicity of home control by a panel which has fuses, it control the flow of electricity.

  •   Used in hearing loss treatment

Tonometer allows the audiologist to measure how much eardrum vibrates when the sound strikes. It also uses to measure the pressure in the space behind the eardrum.

During this testing, a soft is inserted in the ear and the result is noted by a hearing specialist.

  • In battery testing

Battery Impedance Testing is best for those situations where you want to avoid any interruption to operations and the costs associated with these interruptions. Unlike Battery Discharge Testing which is very time is taken and expansive where the entire process can take up to four days, Battery Impedance Testing consists of non-intrusive testing. In battery impedance resting there have 2 symbols used

1-L = internal resistance

2-c = reactance

A lower internal resistance show a higher capacity.