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India and Pakistan - Not so Glorious Friendships

Siddhi Agarwal

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India and Pakistan, two countries at constant war since decades, are still unable to find a solution to their long, tedious and costly conflicts. These conflicts that are not a new thing to both the nations do not seem to come to an end any soon. Let’s look at the histories and prospective futures of these two nations.

Two parts of once a united nation, India and Pakistan separated from each other in 1947 when they were achieving their long fought independence from the British Rule. Although the idea of this division was sowed by these britishers, the growth and care of it was looked after by the leaders of both the countries.

During the time of independence, the riots in the country were so high that the leaders of the country decided to liberate the other. However, there were a lot of issues regarding the terms under which the division was consummated. Firstly, a part of then Eastern India (known as West Bengal), along with a major portion of the North Western India were declared to be the state of Pakistan. Due to some internal conflicts within the said state, the two parts had to be separated and turned into new nations. With the western area turning into Bangladesh, the eastern region is now known as Pakistan.

This second division led to bad blood between India and Pakistan. The reason for it was that Pakistan was against the creation of Bangladesh and was agitated at the fact that India meddled in the issue. From this point on major conflicts were faced by the two countries and a series of clashes like The Kargil War, were also witnessed.

Another reason for the conflict was the division of Kashmir. Pakistan wanted the entire Kashmir but received only half of it. Since then Pakistan has been standing staunch on a motive o separating Kashmir from India and making it their territory. This is a major reason why the conflict between the two nations is not coming to an end.

The difference in the interests of the two nations has also been a reason of conflict. Pakistan is known to be the home to two infamous terrorist groups, Lashkar-E-Toiba (LeT) and Jaish-E-Mohammed (JeM). These terrorist groups have been held responsible for conducting some major terror attacks on The State Of India. This has led to another reason for the development of a feeling of hatred. The statements of Pakistan towards the attacks seemed to safeguard the terrorists, leading to increased conflicts.

Over the years a lot of minor as well as major conflicts have occurred between the countries. Every war or conflict ended with the signing of a treaty with both the countries agreeing to the terms. However, it seems that none of them were able to end these conflicts. In fact, over the years the situation has actually worsened.

It is a saddening sight to see these two countries in this way. None of the two countries are developed. The poverty ratios in these countries are so high that on a global level, they stand quite low in almost all the indices. Even the economies of the two nations are not that strong. Both of them are merely able to keep themselves afloat in the world market. In this condition, heavy investments in the defense is a total waste of money but if one of them does it, the other has to in order to stay on the safe side.

The constant state of fear in the two countries, of facing an attack from the other, is the reason for both of them constantly investing magnanimous amount of the country’s GDP in developing the defense. Both the countries have been facing a lot of economic problems and these investments are not helping in any way. Both of them being a developing nation are required to invest a lot in their infrastructures, health sectors, education sectors etc. If we look at the opportunity cost of the money being invested in the defense sector is quite valuable and would have given a lot more benefits than it presently is. I am not blaming the countries for investing in their defense sector like every other country, but the constant issues between the two neighbors has led to the increase in costs and nothing else.

During independence, it was the vision of our freedom fighters to gift their generations with a fearless, prosperous and a united nation. However, these wars have caused the opposite of that dream If someday, somehow both of these nations come together, like the old times then it would not even take 10 years for them to develop. However, this seems like a dream far-off and not possible in the recent years due to the escalated conflicts between the two.