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Is being happy toward customers a part of good customer service?

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The answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’!

Excellent customer service is vital to any organization.

It retains existing customers and brings in new ones. It makes for great brand publicity and, hence, word of mouth promotion. Happy customers tell others about their positive experience.

Excellent customer service also brings in repeat business. Existing customers return to buy more.

To these ends, it is important to treat customer service with the import that it requires.

Now, everyone knows that making customers happy forms the crux of customer service. However, being happy towards customers is another aspect that businesses need to understand.

There are various aspects to this. Workplace happiness, employee (and organization) engagement and happy interactions with the customer are some of them.

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Workplace Happiness:

Workplace happiness can be created by the business. Supporting your employees with the right training, a customer-centric work culture and giving clear, specific guidelines on how they must treat customers can go a long way in giving employees the freedom and confidence to deliver an excellent customer experience. Sometimes, ditching the regular script and giving the employees room to flex their customer service wings will create innovative ways to handle customers. While customer service agents provide guidance and assistance to customers, they themselves need these from their employers. This will develop workplace happiness and that, in turn, will show through customer interactions.

Customer-first attitude:

A customer-first attitude is a pre-requisite for customer-facing and non-customer-facing employees. Customers form the backbone of any business. Without customers, businesses do not exist. So it is crucial for employees to understand this and treat customers royally. When the employees in an organization are helpful and focused on serving its customers, it reflects in the overall customer service provided by the company.

Employee (and organization) engagement:

Customer service should not be relegated to a department. It should permeate through the entire organization. It should reflect in the interactions that every employee makes with every other employee, vendor or customer. They must treat each other as they would treat a customer. When this level of engagement is achieved, it will reflect in each interaction the customer has with your brand.

Happy interactions:

This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway.


Something as basic as smiling when you speak will transfer that pleasantness into your voice. Good customer service people know this. Studies suggest that it is actually possible to make out whether a speaker is smiling or not just by listening to their voice and tone. When you smile, you send across good vibes to the customer, which in turn open them up and puts them at ease. This will set the tone for the conversation. Smiling also changes the mood of the speaker. This is a technique adopted, with successful results, at inbound call centre services. Call centre outsourcing services handle a large volume of calls. And this means a wide cross-section of customers. Agents go through hundreds of calls in a day and they have to set a cheerful and welcoming to every conversation. When a customer service agent speaks to a customer, it is important to be in a calm state of mind. A confident, relaxed, happy agent can serve a customer far better than an irritated and agitated one. And a smile can make all the difference. Phykon is always for you regarding good customer service and inbound call centre services.