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Know the 10 Safety Tips for Cycling

Blog: Know the 10 Safety Tips for Cycling

Anirudhha Ncyclopedia

@ Owner | | Cars-Bikes

Riding a bike or a bicycle is like experiencing joy, satisfaction, and positive emotion. As you pedal on the road, the wheels keep rolling to keep you energetic and happy through all your commuting. However, this happiness, the joy, and satisfaction can be interrupted if you don’t opt for safety measures while road cycling.

To keep you safe on road, here are the 10 cycling tips for safety on road:

1. Follow All the Laws and Rules: Obey all traffic signals and road safety icons when cycling on road. Ride on a single track or on the cycle track if available while keeping in mind the pedestrian crossing. You also need to ensure that you ride a safe drive on two wheels while keeping a safe distance from other cycles and vehicles ahead of you. This in turn will help you avoid road accidents and misshapen while cycling.

2. Stay Visible: Always make sure that you are visible to other drivers sharing the same. During the daytime, wear reflective or bright clothing to keep yourself visible. On the other hand, when the visibility is poor or cycling in foggy condition, or during night cycling, do keep the lights of your cycle on.

3. Stay Communicative: You should stay communicative and use hand signals when taking a turn, slowing down or stopping. You should also use the cycle bell wherever required and ensure that passing road users should have a clear judgement of your cycling direction.

4. Think Ahead: Do have a clear understanding of what to anticipate next on the road. When sharing the road with many bicycle riders, you should watch out for anticipating the direction of other vehicles, approaching road hazards, and any railroad tracks on your way to your destination.

5. Safety Gear: You should have all the bicycle safety gears to increase your safety on the road. The most important cycle safety gears are bicycle helmet, cool padding, trendy gloves, and comfortable cycling shoes.

6. Pick the Right Bicycle: Whether you pick from top international brands of cycle or from top 10 cycles in India, ensure you choose to ride a bike that is perfectly comfortable in all ways.

7. Stay Hydrated: Keep yourself hydrated and fueled along the way so that you have all the energy required to pedal the wheels of your bicycle. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates are the best sources of optimal nutrition for cyclists.

8. Ride Decisively: A confident ride is what keeps you safe on the road. If you are not confident about cycling on the road, ensure that you practice before you actually take your bike for road cycling. 

9. Keep the Balance: Balancing is an important art that all road cyclists possess. You should position yourself in a comfortable manner in a way that you can create a perfect balance while riding.

10. Get Ready and Then Kick Start: Before you actually kick start your journey each time, you should get ready with all the essential elements. You should check the working of the brakes, chain, pedal smoothness, gears, and tires so that you do not have to face any obstacles while cycling.