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 Light Kit for Lego Harry Potter Magic World: Easter Special Gifts

manasi Walavalkar

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Good news for the Lego fans this Ester! Are you a big fan of the Lego Hogwarts Castle? Well, then you can get the fantastic light kit now with awesome discounts. Now, you will get the chance of decorating your Harry Potter Magic World with the most exciting set of light kits.

You will be amazed to know that the light kits are made in a way that it complements the model perfectly. Your Hogwarts castle would look like the original and you can get the chance to get a more enhanced view of the castle in the dark.

Features of the Light Kit

There are several extraordinary features of the Lego light kits. They are given below:

Outstanding Detailing

You can expect the light kit for Lego Harry Potter Magic World to have much detailing. There are different colors of light like red, blue and yellow that can be used for illuminating the model.

Easily customizable

The light kit for the Hogwarts castle is customizable and you can change the position for each light while the installation. The light kit can deliver you the convenience of the easy process of the power supply. Even on a single power supply setup, you can easily set up the total lighting structure of the model.

As the Hogwarts castle is a big model, you can save much time while installing the lights.

Brighter Lights

You should always buy the Harry Potter light kit from the leading companies because they provide you the kits having outstanding quality. The lights are mainly of the LED variant which delivers marvelous brightness. The cables in the light setup are minute and you can easily hide them in between the blocks of the Lego model.

Convenient Packaging

Most of the light kits come with excellent packages to ensure the safety and perfect quality of the lights. The total setup is packaged in the printed boxes. Films containing air bubbles are present in the box that saves the most delicate packages from getting damage.

Lucid Installation

The installation procedure is lucid as the plug-and-play feature is present in the lights. As a Lego fan, you can always install the Lego light kit without any knowledge in the field of electronics. Lighting Components you get in the Package

The following lights are available in the packages of the light kit for the Lego Harry Potter Magic World.

●Strip Lights- There are 8 warm lights in the package which is of the strip variant.  

●Bit Lights- Warm Bit lights of white color are present in the package comprising of a length of 30cm. There are 3 such lights in the package.

●Setup Instruments- Connecting cables are all available in the set of 3. There are two variants of the cables one of 5cm and the other of 15cm. The port extraction board is also present in the package. Battery packs, tweezers, and plates are also present. User Guide and Instruction book come complimentary with the setup.

So, these are some outstanding features and components of the light kit for Lego Harry Potter Magic World. You can buy it now to enjoy the Easter discounts.