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Marriage Contracts: Pros and Cons

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Marriage contract : what is it - paper of cynics or a way to avoid possible consequences? And what if the loved one insists on signing it? Does he not love you? After reading this article, you will find out what marriage contracts are used for and how it will help save your marriage or help in case of divorce.

Marriage contract: weapon or shield?

The first argument in favor of the marriage contract is the protection of your property. For example, if you or your fiance own property, the contract will leave the apartments and houses behind you. In this case, no one will be able to sue a meter during a divorce. Experienced polygamists claim that a marriage contract is a peculiar way to test relationships. After all, if a person loves, having a contract will not change anything. 

In case if the groom - a real gigolo , and bride - wishing to seize the wealth of the gentleman bloodthirsty girl, the marriage contract is categorically rejected. This, by the way, is the first bell. If your fiance doesn’t want to sign anything while living in your apartment and not having a penny for your soul, you may have gotten into such a story.

Sign a marriage contract - inconvenient?

You can argue that the marriage contract cynically spells out all the possible nuances of your life together and sign such a document - blasphemy. But who knows how your life will go on. Therefore, the prescribed monetary ratios of the division of your property in the event of a divorce can be called forward-looking prudence. Your lawyer will tell you, the couple, how to do it better.

In addition, the divorce proceedings (unfortunately, not so rare in our time) - not only ex-spouses, but also their children exhausting themselves terribly. To prevent this from happening, marriage contracts exist. They state in advance who and how many will see the children and other nuances that preserve both mental and physical health.

Marriage contract is needed if:

- spouses have different social statuses, and one of them needs to protect their property from encroachment (at risk - businessmen, oligarchs, politicians, etc., who marry models, actresses, waitresses, etc. or vice versa - heirs to the state, who chose as husbands of boys from simple families), and so that the hereditary condition is not inherited during the divorce of the prudent "half";

- stars and producers, so as not to work out, like Madonna and her first producer (who, by the way, “discovered” the star, while investing all the money she had, and the clever singer, having realized that there was nothing more to catch here, went away to another)

The sad consequences of a marriage contract

Unfortunately, the happy past is often forgotten. Remember how many former wives of billionaires remain with a divorce is not that without villas and yachts - without children, a roof over your head and a penny for the soul. And it is good, if not in a psychiatric hospital, where the ex-husband had been forging, forging certificates and paying those who need the “old hag” not to interfere with having fun with young models.

Fear marriage contract is not worth it

We do not frighten you, and it’s up to you to decide whether a contract will be signed during the marriage or not. The main thing is not to be afraid of this document, because demanding to sign a marriage contract - not “does not love or distrust”, but, most likely, just wants to protect itself. In addition, if you have true love, you will live together for the rest of your life, not paying attention to the existence of this document, which will remain an empty formality. What we want you.

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