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manasi Walavalkar

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Lego bricks are undoubtedly the best playing accessories for kids since childhood and everyone would agree on how it would help to develop the minds as people love to create their own choice of structures. This being said, it is obvious that within the fan base, there are numerous Lego enthusiasts who have created their own MOCs and came into popularity. Now, the question arises...



Well, this is the abbreviated form of My Own Creation i.e. here you can monetize your hobby with some of the coolest Lego kits. Vonado brings you the revolutionary MOC scene Lego kits with top quality builder support along with a smooth shopping experience.

You must be wondering what the specialty of the new MOC series is. Well, unlike your regular Lego brick sets, here you can light up Legos with the brand new lighting sets. Creating a lego structure according to your wish is a skillful art no doubt, but installing lights to the structure gives it a new charm altogether.


Coming to its The Iron Giant structure, you can create the Ready Player One scenario with 818 Lego parts which are to be articulated in 27 points for easy movement of the model. Be it creating the ‘S’ sign of Superman or adding the laser gun, the 32cm structure is suitable for anyone over seven years old.


As absurd as it sounds, you can even light up Lego bricks of the Star Wars Docking Bay 327 Hangar which weighs around 15Kgs and has a dimension of around 105x95 sq cms. You might have surely remembered the scene where Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia along with the droids hurriedly get on the UCS Falcon to escape from the Death Star.


You will get more than 7800 Lego Bricks and to light up the bricks, you will get one Strip Light and nine white dot lights. There are also connecting cables that range from 5cm to 50cm. The multi-flicker board makes the whole structure look nothing short of a grand Lego LED model.


If you are up for another elaborative Lego structure, Vonado brings you the Carbon Freeze Chamber with more than 2800 bricks. As a representation of the tibanna freezing technology of Cloud City from Bespin, this large structure features “Vacuums” where tibanna acquired from deep inside the planet are released for freezing and convenient transportation. The Lego lighting kits placed inside the chambers keep on flickering at a short interval, giving it a mystic look.


Another complex and detailed structure is Liebherr LTM11200 which can rise up to 2.5 meters in height and has a length of 1.3 meters. With over 7600 Lego pieces, there are eighteen motorized functions. Use Lego lights for the UCS Batmobile dating back to 1989’s Batman movie by Tim Burton. Its length is 42cms and you will love to assemble over 1700 bricks to create hidden machine guns, brick headlights, and transformation into batmissile.


Honda RA 300 with colorful 1174 bricks not only looks sleek but also runs perfectly with five motors while Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with over 3500 bricks and eight motors can be your perfect DIY Lego structure to boast of.


Fast RC Motorcycle 17249 is a self-balancing and working structure having 2M motors and one Servo Motor. With over 340 bricks, Type I and II Technic Beam Triangles, Motorcycle Pivot, two tires and two wheels, the motorbike look stylish as ever. Last but not the least, if you are investing on small structures, the Custom 42096 Full RC-IR with over 77 bricks can be your best choice and there are even Black LEDs for lightening up the structure.