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New Year, Newish Rolex


New Year, Newish Rolex

It’s a wonderful feeling to step into the New Year full of hope and motivation for the future. If all the holiday cheer is not enough to get you there, however, you can give yourself a little extra nudge in the right direction by acquiring a fantastic new Rolex. 

A Rolex is, more than anything else, a subtle statement of status and class – a tasteful accessory you can bring with you in meetings, on business trips, or casual dates. Nothing inspires confidence like the right Rolex for the occasion, but acquiring one can be difficult, depending on one’s budget for the New Year.

Even if you can’t afford a new Rolex this January, don’t give up on the watch you love just yet. Instead, consider buying the same model from a previous owner.

Newish can be as good as new

Rolex timepieces are notorious for lasting through generations. They are built to be durable and function flawlessly with minimal maintenance on your part. What this means for you is that whether you buy a new or a pre-owned Rolex, you actually acquire the same kind of quality. In addition, since the manufacturer has made little to no changes to its most

recognizable models, you don’t have to worry that the reference you buy has or will ever run out of style.

Of course, the condition of a luxury watch will also depend on its previous owner. If you want your watch to be in mind condition, look for pre-owned pieces that are tagged as “brand new” or “never worn.” These are watches that were likely kept in safes and therefore look as if they have just left the retailer’s store.

How to buy a new Rolex every year

Acquiring a pre-owned Rolex is a great way to slightly decrease its cost, but it’s also a means to ensure that you can exchange your model with a different one at any point in the future – no losses involved.

Why? Because the value of Rolex watches never drops below a certain glass ceiling, you will likely be able to re-sell the watch you buy this year for more or less the same cost, one or several years later. You can then use the sum to buy a new Rolex or other designer timepieceswhich is why collectors, in particular, prefer to buy pre-owned luxury watches rather than new ones.

You buy the watch and the vendor

If you buy pre-owned instead of new, you can exchange your Rolex with a different model every year and lose nothing in the process. There is, however, one catch, in that whenever you shop for pre-owned luxury watches, you should be extra careful not to buy into a scam.

To avoid fakes, get in touch with an expert who can authenticate a Rolex before you buy it. Alternatively, you can collaborate only with authorized dealers who offer warranties for their timepieces and authenticate the latter before advertising them. For example, you can buy pre-owned watches from Watches Of Wales without ever having to worry about the authenticity of your newish Rolex.