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Planning a wedding: a great holiday for two

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Wedding is a romantic event, a tale of two loving hearts, which often turns into a feast for the whole world with the participation of unfamiliar faces of distant relatives, fights and headaches. If you do not want to turn your love story into an epic of catering, then arrange a great holiday for two.

Why a wedding for two?

All lovers dream of a wedding day, when the whole world focuses on their love, and they finally become one. But the harsh reality of slipping long lists of unfamiliar guests, lists of dishes, ceremonies and accounts with many zeros. Is this all you need? Everything that is done at a traditional wedding is high-quality attractions and entertainment for guests, so that “everything is like that of people”, and it would be good to be even better. Even more magnificent is the dress of the bride, even if very uncomfortable, the main thing is expensive.

A restaurant

The restaurant is even more expensive, and even more uncles and aunts from the Arctic - all you need to please! And it does not matter that the bride and groom run all day between the table and the organizers, not having a second to be alone. Even have to kiss under the views of the guests. Is it not better to leave these dark rituals for those to whom they like, and spend a fabulous evening together?

What will people say?

But don't you all care what people say? Those really close people who are sincerely happy for your happiness will understand your decision and will rejoice for you even without food and dancing. And those distant relatives and unfamiliar friends who nadya you for the fact that you "did not set the table" - in fact, are not so happy about your happiness, they just needed a reason for a feast.

How exactly to hold a wedding for two? 

As you please! There are absolutely no restrictions, and it all depends on your desire and budget! On the shore of a lake or in a cozy restaurant, in your own bedroom (nobody canceled the first wedding night and did not forbid starting it during the day!), On board the plane or on the ocean floor, on horseback or in a limousine racing through the city at night - you decide. The main thing that you were happy!

Traditional wedding venues for two

You can hold a wedding for two on the road - with the help of an agency or independently arranging everything you need. A wedding at the lake or a wedding in a forest glade together - what could be more beautiful? For lovers of urban comfort small cozy restaurants are perfect. A table with candles, musicians, champagne, flowers, and only you two ... without the cries of "Bitter!" And without the tedious jokes of the toastmaster, without the moralizing of distant relatives and without evaluating the views of friends. Only you and your love.

Wedding + honeymoon: two in one! 

A very common option for a small holiday for two is a honeymoon trip, in which the newlyweds go immediately after painting in the registry office. Rings and champagne you can grab with you, and exchange rings standing in the surf or flying above the clouds on board the aircraft. You can start a life together by knowing the world together!

Extreme Wedding for Two

For lovers of sharp little, there are extreme options for celebrating such a significant event. The bride and groom can become husband and wife on the seabed if they decide to go diving, or even in free fall: a tandem skydiving will make your wedding for two absolutely unforgettable!

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