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Tomorrow’s CHROs Will Be Career HR Professionals

Pradip Mohapatra

@ @letsuser | | Education

A research by Aon Hewitt reveals that more than half of the CHROs are not at all career HR professionals. It is evident that having five generations all in one workplace altogether creates a different work environment. As we encounter such changes, professionals from the HR field will now have to prepare themselves in ways where they will be able to face the challenges of the current workforce. As digitization sweeps in, evolution of newer responsibilities arises for which certain job skills are required. No doubt, the level of expectations from organization towards the HR professionals are getting skyrocketed.

The HR of today is not about HR anymore. It is all about helping businesses become a win-win situation. This sudden change marks a shift between the role of the HR and what their current demand is in the industry.
The study also stresses on the evolving business needs, the changing face of talent, and the economic environment which is volatile. These components will shape the future of human resource professionals with diversity as a key factor.

The sudden uptick in CHROs

In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic transformation in the human resources role. Previously, the HRs job was primarily focused on performing administrative tasks such as hiring candidates, formulation of rules and regulations, payroll processing, and so on. But it is not the same scenario today, things are beginning to change. Organizations are keen on hiring a HR professional who will be able to play a strategic role. Taking up a CHRO role can be one of the best HR careers for human resources professionals in today’s market trend.

It has taken quite a while for HRs to take a leap and position themselves at a newer level. Human resources professionals need to redefine their work in attempt to adopt this new job role – CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer).

Today, a CHRO plays a crucial role in an organization. Earlier, CEOs have been distracted from the HR, however, all this has changed. They’re now looking forward to embrace the skills of CHROs for strategic growth.  Such changes will drive the importance of HR executives leading to the growth and success of businesses.

Human Resources Executive, Training and Development Manager, HR Entrepreneur, and Human Resources IT Specialist are some of the great HR careers one can opt for today.  

Here’s what 2019 CHROs will look like –

•  Mapping organizational needs in accordance to the future strategy of the company. The CHRO needs to identify the gap between the existing capabilities and the future requirement.

•  Strategic decision making through data and data analytics. It is important that one focuses on what needs to be asked rather than what needs to be answered.

•  Setting the right agenda to have a healthy workplace culture. The world of work has taken a tremendous change, employers are worried about retaining talents. As a CHRO it is their responsibility to change the work agenda, set the right agenda – act as a catalyst of the much-needed changes required at work places. This will be of great help in the employee retention as companies are worried about losing their employees.

•  Build a new agile working structure in an organization. Most companies do not rely on the older traditional work structure anymore, an agile working structure is required for the modern workforce. To survive in a work pace that is growing at a rapid pace, having an agile working structure is recommended.

•  Be a talent scout. As a CHRO it is important to source the right talent, building the right talent pool is a great way to retain employees.

•  CHROs must act as an anchor and assessor of the organization. One must ensure that the company is moving towards the right direction with alignment to the company’s goal.

 A CHRO wears many hats and being in a tech savvy world, one should take advantage of the tools that is helping the HRs streamline their administrative tasks and responsibilities. It is time that the CHRO take charge and push companies towards ongoing business growths and improvements.