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Jagadeesh Madduri

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Are you looking for some safe herbal alternatives to replace your luxury beauty items loaded with harsh chemicals? We are here to help you out. You can now pamper your skin and hair with all products that contain natural ingredients.

Check out the following list of the top 10 herbal companies in India.List of Top 10 Herbal Companies in India:

1.Dabur India Ltd

2.Hamdard Laboratories

3.Baidyanath Pharmaceuticals

4.Himalaya Herbals

5.Surya Herbals Limited

6.Charak Pharmaceuticals

7.Zandu Realty Limited

8.Zealous Herbals

9.Vicco Laboratories

10.Divya Pharmacy

#1 Dabur India Ltd:

Dabur India Ltd is one of the renowned names in the ayurvedic companies in India. This company was founded by Visionary Dr S K Burman in Kolkata in the year 1884. Dabur India is one of the oldest and trusted Ayurvedic companies in India. Dabur produces the best herbal products in India.

#2 Hamdard Laboratories:

Hamdard laboratories are one of the best herbal manufacturing companies located in India. This ayurvedic company was founded in the year 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed and an Unani practitioner Ansarullah Tabani. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm and produces quality products.

#3 Baidyanath Pharmaceuticals:

Baidyanath is the most trusted name in the Ayurveda. The ayurvedic and herbal products manufactured by this company are being passed through stringent quality tests to ensure high quality. Some of the famous ayurvedic formulations by this company are Baidyanath Chyawanprash, Madhumehari, Shankhapushpi, etc. Baidyanath produces Best Herbal Medicines in India.

#4 Himalaya Herbals:

Himalaya Herbals is a famous ayurvedic company in our country India. It is the 4th best herbal company of India this company was founded by Mr M. Manal with the aim to produce the best ayurvedic and herbal pharma products for the people. The Himalaya Herbals company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company in India.

#5 Surya Herbals Limited:

Surya Herbal Limited is one of the largest herbal products manufacturing and exporting corporations in India. This company has its headquarters located at Noida. The main herbal care products manufactured by this company include dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, herbal tea herbal etc. Surya Herbals are known for manufacturing herbal products which are chemical free.

#6 Charak Pharmaceuticals:

Charak Pharmaceuticals is one of the best herbal third-party manufacturing companies in India. Being an ISO 9001: 2015 certified pharmaceutical unit, the quality of the herbal products is up to the mark and satisfies many people.

#7 Zandu Realty Limited:

Zandu Realty Limited is an international pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai, India. This pharma company deals in different ayurvedic and medicinal preparations. The categories of different products manufactured by Zandu Realty Limited are OTC, Classical, and Ethical. Some of the best quality products manufactured by this company are Zandu Chyavanprash, Nityam Churna, Zandu Kesari Jivan, and many more good quality healthcare products.

#8 Zealous Health:

Zealous Health is an emerging innovation-driven herbal company developed by visionary drug discovery pharmaceutical scientists with decades of cutting-edge global research experience in multiple multi-disciplinary disease biology. The zealous main aim is to offer people with the essence of traditional Herbs and with a touch of technology through never-ending research. Thus Zealous strive hard in developing herbal products which are safe and natural.

#9 Vicco Laboratories:

Vicco Laboratories is one of the best ayurvedic company. This company is a manufacturer of Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Medicinal products such as herbal toothpaste, vicco vajradanti powder, etc.

#10 Divya Pharmacy:

 Divya Pharmacy is one of the leading herbal company of our country India. This company produces a number of herbal and ayurvedic pharmaceutical products. To create an environment in departments of Education, Health, Forces, Administration, Industry, and Business to inspire them to adopt Yoga as a regular & necessary.