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Top 5 Branded Cooking Range in India at Apnidukaan

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

The gas stove has made its journey a long way in India. From traditional mud-made with the log of woods to manual kerosene one to the automatic one to electric ones. Each era the safety measures and sophistication are added, when it comes to cooking the meals and delicious food. Nowadays, gas stoves are more easy and safe to handle avoiding chances of misuse of fuel. Gas stoves come in a variety of burners, sizes and shapes serving the simple purpose of cooking food on fire. At Apnidukaan, you can buy cooking range online at the best price in India.

We bring you the top 5 branded cooking range in India that you must consider before buying your home and kitchen’s lifeline.

1. Prestige: - Prestige offers a lovely range of 2, 3 and 4 burners as a stove in India. It has both steel and glass top. This brand is one of the most popular kitchen appliances providers, with a wide range of the best cookware set.

Prestige Hobtop PHTS 02 AI: This is the Scott Glass top with dual-purpose design. You can use it as both a gas stove or as a hob. Here are the features to be noted:

i. Manufactured in premium quality cast iron providing durability, maximum stability for pots and pans

ii. Faster cooking compared to the regular brass burner best suited for Indian cooking utensils

iii. Ultra-slim body specially designed with Italian make SABAF burner providing uniform heating, consumes lower gas

iv. Advance one-touch Auto-ignition

v. 2 year Product Warranty

2. Glen: This strong brand has a line of products in kitchen appliances such as kitchen chimneys, gas tops, cooking range and built-in-hobs including small appliances.

a. Glen 3 Burner Kitchen Hob 1073 SQF IN: here are the features highlighted

i. Italian Double ring burner – 2 big & 1 small

ii. New IN burner Built-in Hob with SS frame Stand

iii. No need to cut out kitchen slab

iv. No low flame, No Sim-off

3. Elica: Italy brand, all the products available in India are manufactured in India keeping Indian kitchen standards in mind.

a. Elica FLEXI HCT 375 LOTUS BK Black Hobtop: Freestanding cooktop that allows easy installation, sturdy grip and hassle-free cooking. This hob is black glass finish. Here are the features to be noted:

i. No of Burners - 2 Mini Triple Ring Brass Burner and 1 Double Ring Brass Burner

ii. High-Quality Knobs saves both time and effort

iii. Automatic Ignition

iv. 1 year Product Warranty

4. Pigeon: From Stovekraft Ltd, Pigeon offers the best cookware set in India. It has premium kitchen solutions through the range of the products such as chimneys, pressure cookers, non-stick cookware and gas tops.

Pigeon Spark Hob 3 Burner 14105: Here are features to be noted:

 Used as cooktop as well as Hobs

 High thermal efficiency

 Indian burner for Indian style cooking

 Anti-corrosion stainless steel drip tray

5. Faber: Faber products are also manufactured in India and most familiar to everyone.

Faber HCT 654 CRR LBK EI Auto Hob Top: this is the best cooking range available in the market. With the sleek and compact design, it makes easy to cook and keep it clean. Here are the features:

 No Of Burner 2 Medium + 2 Small Lotus Burner

 Black Glass Top, Round enamelled

 Toughened glass provides durability and scratch resistance

 Auto Ignition hob

 2-year product Warranty

To prepare the perfect, tasty food, just buy the best cooking range online. There are many more brands in the market such as Whirlpool, Bosch, Eveready and many more. The basic idea of this article is to guide and help you to make your cooking range purchase easy. At Apnidukaan, we offer the best gastop price in India. To avail the unmatched deals and discounts, visit