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Top 5 Branded Dishwasher in India at Apnidukaan

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

Want to relive from kitchen work? Then the Dishwasher is the option to go for. Now, this kitchen appliance has made as an integral part of the home in India. This beauty caters the needs of working women of the modern Indian household, as it cut downs hard work and waste of time and water. With Apnidukann, you can buy dishwasher online. Here is the list of top 5 branded Dishwasher in India.

1. Elica: The top one is Elica, foreign brand but manufactured in India keeping in mind Indian home appliance requirement. There is a wide range of dishwashers available in India from freestanding to built-in one.

Elica Built-In Dishwasher WQP12-7605V WH: Here are a few points to be noted:

• Economical and Energy Efficiency with Class A++

• Soak to rinse dishes if you plan to wash later

• Intensive cleaning for heaviest spoiled crockery and normal function for filed pots pans dishes etc with dried on soiling

• Rapid to work, Pocket handle available

• 1 Hour Cycle for lightly soiled loads which do not need excellent drying efficiency

• ECO- standard programme suitable to clean normally soiled tableware. It is the most efficient programme in terms of the combination of energy and water consumption for that type of tableware

• A shorter, quick wash for lightly soiled loads without drying

• Soft Touch key controls

2. Whirlpool: Whirlpool offers a fully integrated dishwasher. Here is the bestselling one-

Whirlpool Fully Integrated Dishwasher - WIO 3T 121 (60 Cm):

• Net Quantity - 1 N

• A++ Energy Efficiency Class

• 7 Segment / 1-12 h- Type of Displays

• Adjustable Upper Basket

• Maximum Temperature for Water Intake C- 60

• 14 Number of Place Settings

• 9 Ltrs Water Consumption

3. Glen: Glen also offers all sorts of kitchen and home appliances. Dishwashers are also widely sold in India.

Glen Dishwasher SS Panel 7721J Silver Built-In 14 Place Settings: Here are the highlights to be noted:

• 14 number of Place Settings

• Fully Electronic Control

• Concealed Heating Element and Memory Function

4. Faber: This brand is also popular for dishwashers in India. The best to buy is Faber Built-in FDW BI 6PR 12S Dishwasher.

Faber Built-in FDW BI 6PR 12S Dishwasher: The highlights to be noted are:

• Electronic Control

• The capacity of 12 places setting

• Washing programs: 6 - Intensive, normal, eco, glass, 1 hour, rapid

5. Bosch: Very old brand offering home appliance in India. Bosch offers freestanding dishwashers in which Bosch 2 Free-Standing Dishwasher 60 Cm SMS40E32EU is liked by consumers.

Bosch 2 Free-Standing Dishwasher 60 Cm SMS40E32EU:

• High efficiency with low resource consumption, it consumes only 0.9kWh energy and 9.5l water

• Eco Silence Drive includes unique brushless motor. The motor is quiet, powerful, efficient and durable

• 10-year guarantee for rusting of the inner tub

• For optimum results, Dosage Assist is provided

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