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Top 5 Branded Roti maker in India at Apnidukaan

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

Roti maker is replacing old and traditional ways of making roti or chapatis in the kitchen of India. This is now becoming a perfect kitchen appliance for the ones who have moved out of the house in a new city and managing all household work becomes a bit difficult. Whether you are a bachelor or married, this kitchen appliance is most useful, handy and perfect to make the Indian bread every day in a few minutes. This home appliance is taken as an integral part of the kitchen as it can be easily handled by any person in the house.

Chapati makers are a perfect appliance that helps to reduce the workload of working women and are handy and are not at all heavy appliance. It is not even hard to even knead the dough, as the food processor are the handy one to do the kneading the dough. The need for roti makers is now becoming a necessity as it reduces the Indian women and mothers’ pain in preparing food without taking the extensive workload.

Buy roti maker online at apnidukaan and get the best price for the desired brand. Here is the top 5 branded roti maker in India at apnidukaan:

1. Eveready 900 Watt Roti Maker RM1002: the affordable brand in India for roti maker, here are the highlights :

a. 900W, 230V~50Hz

b. Dual Heating element

c. Easy Large Handle for effortless operation

d. Non-stick coated plates

2. Eveready 900 Watt Roti Maker RM1001: Another roti maker in Everyday. Highlights;

a. 900W, 230V~50Hz

b. Dual Heating element

c. Easy Large Handle for effortless operation

d. Non-Stick coated plates

e. Indicator light

f. Easy to make Chapathi, Uttapam etc.

g. 2 years Warranty

3. Pigeon 12376 900-Watt Roti Maker (Metallic): Highlights to be noted:

a. 8-inch non-stick coating plates for easy cleaning

b. Brushed stainless steel housing

c. Stand upright for compact storage

d. Power and ready light indicator

e. Cord wrap for storage space

f. 1-year product warranty

g. 900 watts power; Operating Voltage is 220 - 240 volts

h. Roti maker included

4. Prestige Roti Maker PRM 2.0 1200W: Highlights

a. Non-stick coating

b. Adjustable temperature knob

c. Power indicators

d. Shockproof base

e. 1200 watts power

f. 1-year warranty

g. Compact design

5. Prestige Roti Maker PRM 5.0 900W: multi-purpose roti maker designed by prestige:

a. Multi-purpose Design

b. Suitable for Roti,Omelette,Pancake,Uttapam, Thepla

c. Granite Non-Stick coating with Easy Flip

d. Unique Curved Surface

e. Durable Stainless Steel Body

f. Adjustable Temperature Control Knob

g. Power Indicators

A lot of people have different opinions related to roti makers, but this appliance help in saving time energy and are affordable at any point in time. The basic idea of this article is to guide and help you to make your Roti maker purchase easy. At Apnidukaan, we offer the best roti maker price in India. To avail the unmatched deals and discounts on the great range of kitchen appliance from tableware, personal care, small and big home appliance, and also home appliance. Check out our website for more details.