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What are the common types of hearing test


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At the current time, 360 million peoples suffer from hearing loss problem so hearing test in compulsory for the people who have some problem in hearing.

There are different types of hearing test

  • Speech testing

Speech testing is a process of testing the measurement of your ability to recognise the voice, in which check how well you listen to the word and speak the same word.it works on SRT basis means speech reception threshold, in this testing, The audiologist will say words to you through headphones and you will repeat the words.

  •   Pure tone test

Pure tone testing is also known as pure tone audiometry in which uses air conduction to measure your ability to hear sounds at various pitches and volumes, in this testing headphones, also use to check the ability to hear, it is used to identify hearing threshold.

  •   Bone Conduction Testing

It is the same as pure tone testing.here also measures your inner ear ’s response to Sound With the help of conductor, it will send tiny vibrations through directly to Inner ear.It uses air to send audible sound it is a very important test in hearing loss.

  •   Tympanometry

In this test measure the response of air-drum with the help of air pressure. If there

Is a buildup of fluid, eardrum perforations or tumours, wax buildup. It basically

Test the middle ear function. Basically, it measures how much energy at a time tone of 22 Hz is generated by the typanometer into the ear canal where the sound

Strike vibrant into the middle ear.

  •    Acoustic Reflex Testing

It uses to identify the ear’s natural reflex of stifle loud sounds, it uses to determine 

The problem in the ossicles, cochlea, auditory nerve and also help in finding out

the type of hearing loss.

  •    Hearing screening

This is a basic test of hearing related problems, it is very effective to know that you need to further treatment or not. This test categorised into two part pass and fail who have in pass category that is provided after the screening test who have no hearing loss problem.

  • Hearing evaluation

It is an important process of hearing loss in this process the hearing specialist first look into

Your ear with an otoscope to examine the ear canal and eardrum after analysing they

Further start treatment.