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What are the factors that could affect your customer experience in 2019?

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Digital advancement in recent years has seen consumers demanding more precise and more sophisticated customer service systems and features. While in recent years we did see consumers going into raptures over new technology and trends, constant technology transformations lead to higher expectations. They want uber-responsive customer service.

The following factors will influence customer experience in 2019:

Customer experience will continue to reign

Customer experience will continue to reign and will overtake over price and product. Customers now choose the brand based on the customer support it provides. This trend will continue through 2019. They want to get value out of the brand that they spent time researching on. And this value goes beyond the product or price.

Getting to know consumers on a deeper level

Brands will have to anticipate needs and making suggestions before the customer contacts the brand. Businesses need to track customer behavior and assess their needs. Know them at a deeper level will help understand their needs and buying patterns. Stronger relationships can be built and this will reflect in greater loyalty in inbound call centre services and customer retention. Consumer behavior and their psychology will be closely tied to customer experience. Sub-conscious purchase making decisions, perceiving customer satisfaction, or what makes a customer click on a certain product become important to create the kind of experience you want to them to have.

Services expected at the drop of a hat

Instant services will be the new normal. When new technology made faster, more efficient services available consumers welcomes the new wave of customer service. But delighting customers with instantaneous services is now a thing of the past. Fast service is a given now. Getting things done with the least time and effort is the norm. Renewed efforts at streamlining services are necessary to stay ahead of the pack. It is just a matter of time before customers shift brands based on how swift and efficient customer service is.

Human touch with a twist of technology.

Customers will want the human touch with a tad of technology thrown in. An example would be skilled good customer service agents at the inbound call centre services assisted with the efficiencies of robotic process automation. Customers are looking for the best of both worlds. They want the best customer experience, and you can deliver it to them on a silver platter with the right combination of humans and technology. 

Mapping the customer journey will continue to gain impetus

Knowing how and where the brand influences the customers will help you deliver a more tailored customer experience. Mapping the customer journey will continue to gain momentum in 2019. A well-developed and insightful customer map will optimize your marketing and help you target efforts better. Using AI and machine learning, businesses can use innovations in predictive routing to stay ahead of customers.

If customer experience hasn’t been part of you strategy yet, now’s a good time to start. Ensuring the right experience for e very customer will ensure that they are engaged with the brand. Phykon is always for you regarding good customer service and inbound call centre services.