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What is good customer service and why is it important?

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Good customer service isn’t something that can be described through a single aspect. And good customer service, or even, excellent customer service, means different things to different people.

In general, most customers want service that is swift, consistent, omnipresent, knowledgeable and customer-centric.

We live in a technology-driven age that gives us everything at a fast pace. So, why not service too? Customers want good service delivered and they want it delivered yesterday. Swift customer service draws people in more. And it also helps retain existing customers.

Strengthen your customer base, promote your brand

For example, having untrained staff scrambling to answer calls, grasping at straws to provide the right responses, and getting your customers to stay on hold for an inordinate amount of time is going to chase them away! Imagine being transferred back and forth for a simple information update. If you are doing this, you might as well chase your customers away to your competitors, if they haven’t already gone.

So, what can you do to retain existing customers, woo in more customers and keep them all happy? You get inbound call center services! You can widen you reach and reap the benefits too when you have a dedicated call center attending to every query from your customers with the best and most professional responses.

With an inbound call center you can achieve customer trust, loyalty and confidence and thereby business success and growth. Basic goals of an inbound call center are:

Customer satisfaction

Call resolution

When these are handled in the more satisfactory way, you will see growth and success in business — because happy customers are your best billboard. They will recommend your brand to others know. And in these times of social media, customer reviews are crucial in promoting your name. And good customer services will give you an edge over your competitors.

Consistent services

Consistency in service is a factor that shows customers that your brand is dependable. No matter if it is your first interaction with the brand or the fiftieth, when you are doled out the same good service every time, the brand’s dedication to you shines through.

Brand presence

The omnipresent customer needs omnipresent customer service. Businesses are vying to woo customers where the customers hang out — messaging services, social media, networking platforms, email, phone, and sometimes, altogether. Customers today are not tied to the TV, or the PC, or the magazine. They are all over. And they expect services to be present all over.

Engaged, customer-focused services

Imagine asking a customer service representative for assistance, and being met with a shrug. That does not equate with excellent customer service, does it? Knowing your company’s products and services in and out, having an in-depth knowledge of all processes and being armed with whatever there is to know to help a customer gives you the solid foundation on which you can build your service. Giving helpful information, answering queries and troubleshooting will go smoothly without grasping at straws.

Good customer service needs to be all of the above and customer-centric. Being friendly, empathetic, and approachable and having the customers best interests at heart will help you become customer-centric.

Customer service is a combination of these factors. One aspect does not exclude the others. In the end, customer service is all about making the customers happy and satisfied. To realize this, businesses must tailor their customer service strategy and orient their customer service team to the strategy. Phykon is always for you regarding excellent customer service and inbound call centre services.