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What is the difference between call center and contact center?

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Call centres and contact centres are utilized extensively by brands to extend excellent customer service to their customers. Although these terms are used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

Both are used for customer service and both provide phone support. Both use excellent customer service teams that are skilled in handling various customer requirements. But the similarities pretty much end there.

To understand how contact centre differs from a call centre, we must first understand what they are.

What are call centres?

At a call centre, agents handle inbound call centre service or outbound call centre services, or sometimes, a blend of the two — through phone calls. These call centres are equipped to handle a large volume of calls — incoming and outgoing. Call centers largely handle sales, customer service and order processing.

If businesses experience a high volume of calls, it would make better sense to engage a call centre outsourcing company to handle calls in a professional and efficient manner. Some call centers employ IVR systems or Interactive Voice Response systems that help the caller to an extent. It can help callers resolve a few issues on their own as a kind of self-help system. It can also help route the calls to the right person or department. However, at a contact centre this self-help is available via chat bots and text messaging too.

Call centres aim to attend the maximum number of calls and try to resolve issues as fast as possible within a phone call. They are limited to the phone channel.

What are contact centers?

Contact centres are a relatively new concept. They cover all channels of communication: Phone, SMS, Fax, Email, Live chat, etc. These additional digital service channels make sure that they are accessible to customers on various platforms. This way, customers get seamless, uninterrupted service across channels, according to their preference. The contact centre ensures a more consistent customer service though integrated customer data across all channels.

Contact centres are armed with technology — tools and analytics enable predictive and proactive customer service. Agents feel more engaged since basic questions can be answered through automated responses, while they can use their analytic skills to solve more complex issues.

The gradual switch to contact centres has happened over the last decade with the advancements in technology. Customers want their brand to be accessible across all channels. And likewise, businesses want their customers to have the best customer experience. Ultimately, businesses must choose what suits them best to deliver excellent customer service. Phykon is always for you regarding excellent customer service and inbound call centre services.