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What Is the Effect of Saturn on Marriage When It Is in the Seventh House?

Vinay Bajrangi

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After having studied tens of hundreds of horoscopes, I learned that Saturn in the seventh house is one of the worst placements, especially when it is a negative planet for one’s birth chart.When Saturn is in this house, it aspects the following houses:

First house: through its seventh aspect

Fourth house: through its tenth aspect

Ninth house : through its third aspect

Effects When Saturn Aspects These Houses

First house : your mind is disturbed

Fourth house: you are deprived of wealth and comforts

Ninth house : you are deprived of other fortunes

When Saturn is in its own sign (Aquarius or Capricorn),it forms a Yoga known as 'Shasha Yoga', one of the fivePanchaMahapurushaRaja Yogas.Raja Yoga makes a person a king-like man. Nevertheless, it is responsible for obstacles, delay in wedding, divorce, no marriage, depression, and poor hygiene as Saturn represents sorrow, obstacles, and adversity. I can optimistically say this as I’ve studied a number of birth charts. These are the common characteristics when Saturn is in the seventh house. Also, Saturn does not give fruitful results when you indulge in wrong or unethical activities.The bad effects can be seen yourself when you do wrong things during its time. Other planets might be liberal but not Saturn.

Saturn does not present to you pleasure, comforts, and success. However, when it is positive and your Karma is good, it offers all these to you. After all, Saturn is known as Karma PaalDhaatha, the giver of fruits of your Karma.

Consider the following placements:

• Lord of the seventh house and its positioning

• Cuspal seventh Lord of the house

• Placement of the Mahadasha &Antardasha Lord

• Placement of planet Venus

Role of Venus

Venus is one of the most benefactors. Representing love and romance, it facilitates the marriage of and individual. It makes two attractive souls come together in life. However, this depends on it’s placement and the time period. If Venus occupies the seventh house, the chances of getting an attractive spouse are very slim.

If a number of planets are positive in the birth chart, including the Lord of the present time period, there won’t be significant delay in marriage. In fact, a person will live a happy married life, whether it is love/arranged marriage. Saturn’s placement is considered the best in the 3rd/6th/11th house for most number of horoscopes.

Because of the placement of Saturn in the third house, a person might be hard working and bold.The expenses are not worrisome. A person will win over his foes when Saturn takes the sixth house. His or her problems will be alleviated.