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Which Yogas Help You Attain Moksha?

Vinay Bajrangi

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The Yogas that help attain 'Moksha (salvation), or Moksha Yoga' is formed because of certain associations between planets and houses.The twelfth house in the birth chart is the house that represents 'Moksha’or salvation. The fifth and the ninth houses complement the twelfth house as they represent the elements that are required to attain salvation. The fifth house signifies mind and soul while the ninth house signifies spirituality and philosophy. The twelfth house shows the number of incarnations the soul has to take, karma’s, and life after death.

Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune represent the spiritualty of a person. Out of these, planet Jupiter is the most significant one. Saturn also is associated with spiritualty and salvation. Thus, even Saturn helps a person have Moksha Yoga or attain Moksha. It plays an important part in directing a person to have salvation.

General Characteristics of Heavenly Bodies

Females having the influence of Moon are very pretty and are good homemakers. They are kind, emotional, and show willingness to help others. Some females are Globetrotters.

Females having the influence of Sun are good-looking, have good circle of influence, and loyal.But, they get irritated easily. Men are handsome too. Also, most of them are highly ambitious and become members of the senior management.

Females having the influence of Jupiter are more religious when compared to others. They become suitable wives and mothers. Men value honesty and ethics. They help their wives in the day-to-day work and seldom get angry.

Females having the influence of Ketu are self-assured and prefer to be independent as much as possible.Some women become widowsat an early age or end up divorcing their husbands.Men influenced by Ketu are religious and philosophical. They show interest on divorcees or widows.

Females having the Influence of Saturn are not optimistic. They harp about everything.Also, their moods change all of a sudden. Men are usually lean. They are not good at socializing, but are hardworking, active, and sincere.

How Planets Influence a Person?

  • Saturn presents to a person what someone requires ignoring their needs for the moment
  • Ketu helps achieve salvation as it represent philosophy
  • Jupiter guides a person in spiritualty
  • Moon helps people have patience and control over mind
  • Sun depicts power and clarity in thoughts
  • Uranus helps you realize the purpose of life
  • Neptune tells you about life after death and how spiritual you were in the past birth

How Different Houses Influence a Person?

  • The fifth, ninth, and tenth houses, and Lords of ascendants instill the desire or longing in a person to know God
  • ,If the Sun occupies the twelfth house, a person’s spirituality intensifies in the old age
  • If the Moon associates with Saturn, a person starts showing interest in Spirituality
  • A person aims at attaining Moksha when Saturn is in the ninth house
  • A person will attain Moksha if Jupiter or Ketu is in the twelfth house
  • A person’s mind and body is cleansed if Saturn is in the fifth, ninth or tenth house or Lords
  • If Saturn and Jupiter are in fifth or ninth house, a person becomes highly religious and develops interest in constructing a temple, mosque, or church
  • A person will be free from struggles and pains if Jupiter and Ketu are in the twelfth house
  • A person has high chances of attaining Moksha when the Lord’s of the fifth, ninth, and tenth fall in the twelfth house

Things That Increase the Chances of Attaining Moksha

  • Donation and charity
  • Abstinence from sexual pleasures
  • Avoiding immoral or illegal activities
  • Having no materialistic desires
  • Worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Shani Deva (Saturn)