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Blog: India vs China

Neeraj Nautiyal

@ Content Writer | | Entertainment

Sources, like food, shelter, and clothes. It is believed that these three are the basics for a living a life. Currency is the only thing that can buy everything. Once I heard that money can’t buy everything I believe that’s not true.

If you are trying to win this discussion that money can’t buy everything, deep down you all know that money is everything. There are valid facts but still, they depend on money. Expressing this in some other manner we can surely put a fact that sources are more important than money. Yes, that's true sources are more important than money. Remember those old days and the barter system? Where people used to sell their goods for other goods. Most importantly, everyone is using the money for sources itself. It’s similar to you are investing your money to earn more.

Source like food, it is the building block of human life. Without it, I don’t think it would be possible to survive.

Next comes Clothes, they matter a lot. We should come over a fact in this modern world that a person’s clothes decide what he or she is, how much are they earning, which society they belong to. Shelter the most important and precious for everyone where one can become free from his or her tensions. The basics of a person to live a life, food, home and clothes. These are the basics needs as well as the priority of a person to live.

Now, as we know that food, shelter, and clothes are more important than currency. But again the fact comes that these can be only bought with currency.

According to me, I can conclude that money is more important but not important that sources like food, clothes, and shelter.

Now I rest my debate and ask you, do these points concern you? What do you think is money more important than sources?

Noeh Kim

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