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Why use the Auto clean Chimney for Kitchen?

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

Chimneys have made their way in Indian kitchens as an integral part of the home. Kitchen chimney in India helps to remove smoke and keeps your house away from spice aromas. Cleaning chimney can be a tedious task and a time-consuming one. With auto-clean, get rid of oil particles without your intervention. In this article, why use the auto clean chimney for the kitchen.

What is an auto clean chimney? It offers the latest technology feature that saves time and effort. This product cost low or no maintenance on a regular basis. With the separate oil collector box, it collects all oil and greasy items effectively.

Why use auto clean chimney? The important factor auto clean enables the user to save time just by turning auto cleaning button on. It is wise to invest money and time on the product that helps in saving money and time. Here is the difference between Auto-clean and Non-Auto Chimney:

Auto-clean Chimney

Oil collector

• Non-stick Oil collector - collect oil particles

• Is detachable and provides an option to clean regularly


• Oil particles collected in the oil collector

• can be cleaned or removed to increase the life duration

Maintenance, manual cleaning

• Empty and clean the oil collector manually 

Suction power

• Suction power is higher in auto clean chimneys, as the oil particles are not stuck in pipe


• Expensive compare to non-Auto clean 

Maintenance cost

• Less or no maintenance costs

Non Auto-Clean Chimney

Oil collector

• No oil collector

• Oil get stuck in filter and other part of chimney


• Product stops functioning if the oil particles are stuck for long time

Maintenance, manual cleaning

• Oil particles are stuck in filter and requires professional cleaner to clean filter

Suction power

• Suction power is low compared to auto-clean chimneys


• Inexpensive

Maintenance cost

• Requires regular maintenance options

Here are top kitchen chimney brands in India:

• Elica

• Faber

• Pegion

• Bajaj

• Glen

• Whirlpool

• Sunflame

Here are the benefits of using an auto-clean chimney

Saves Time:Saves both time and money, auto-clean chimney offers good performance. It is designed to remove oil and greasy elements easily 

Oil Collector Options: With the help of oil collector options, it collects the oil easily and enhances the life span of the chimney

Life Span: This chimney doesn’t require regular service. The life span of the product is decreased as the oil gets clogged on the filter. It becomes difficult to clean. A professional cleaner is required to clean.

Suction Power: Suction power in an auto-clean chimney is high compared to a non auto-clean chimney. Due to high suction, power oil doesn’t clog in the filter.

Price: Yes, the price of the auto-clean chimney is higher compared to the classic option. The traditional chimney consumes a lot of power and regular cleaning services. With an auto-clean chimney, most of the task is automatically performs with less spending on maintenance and services.

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