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You should read the manga called Kingdom

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If you're into reading, you can try out Japanese manga. Japanese manga is so popular nowadays that a lot of its books are sold in bookstores worldwide. I've always been a fan of mangas. I have read numerous manga stories from different genres.

If you just started reading manga or if you're planning to read one, I suggest you start with the manga called "Kingdom". The story is based on two war orphan boys who wanted to changed their life in the future.

After an internal strife, it gave one of the two orphan boys who was named "Shin" to persevere and work his way to becoming a Great General of the Heavens. A General is said to be the highest military position in the manga. They hold power of thousands of troops and they can give the command to move the entire unit as one.

Read as Shin continues to strive to reach the said goal. The story will progress in a time of war and the protagonist Shin will meet wonderful colleagues that will help him reach his goals. At the same time, numerous powerful enemies will come his way and Shin will have to get past all these challenges in order to be strong enough to handle the might of a General.

I personally love the manga as it is both light and deep at the same time. Not too deep that it will be hard to understand, but deep enough for the story to have some sense and not become all about fighting. There are times that the manga will turn into comedy. which gives off a light feels to its reader after reading a heavy fighting chapters.

It is a good read for teens and adults as well as they will feel Shin's emotions through the manga. If you have time, try to browse this specific manga. Who knows, you might like it too and may finally start reading Japanese manga.