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Abbas Rizvi

@letsuser | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Should there be a minimum education bar for politicians holding government offices as state and central ministers?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Let’s get this fact out nice and clean—formal education qualifications don’t mean anything. They
don’t show a person’s knowledge and competency. There are so many people who have succeeded
great things in their life without any college, or even school, degrees. So, in order to get anywhere,
the person looking for the opportunity and the person giving the opportunity, they should never
obsess the formal education qualification—not at least today, when the internet has become #1
source of learning. Besides, college education seems very limited in nature these days; mediocre, at
In short, there shouldn’t be any minimum education criterion stopping people from achieving their
dreams and goals. These individuals should be judged based on their real-life knowledge and
experience and NOT their degrees.
Now, coming to politicians though. This is where I slightly vary my original view—at least when
talking about Indian politicians. See, in India, we have very less to NO parameters to judge the
credibility of politicians. No wonder, the majority of them aren’t just illiterate but also senseless and
thoughtless, totally incompetent to handle important issues. What they are after are power and
money, and not really to serve people.
Check out some of the statements of ministers in state and center. You will cringe and feel ashamed
that the mass has selected them. Now how do we really identify people who can make such
obnoxious statements before making them ministers? There are few ways—the easiest one is to
check their education level. While not always, we can expect decency and thoughtful ideas from
individuals who have acquired a basic level of education.
Besides, to fix educational fabric of this country, to improve transportation, roads, electricity, and to
create employment—the person in charge must have the basic idea of how to do it. But that’s not
how the current picture is today. We have illiterate ministers these days who hold important offices.
They don’t do any work (besides Hindu-Muslim propaganda)—and all their work is handled by the
team who work under them.
So, to cut the long story short, I don’t think there should be any minimum education criterion for
those looking to get to their goals. However, when talking about politicians, there definitely should
be a basic level qualification criterion.


Blogger | Posted on

There ought to be no restriction on the instruction capabilities of a lawmaker or a minister.That's on the grounds that regardless of whether an individual is taught that doesn't mean he will be great in running the administration.

Running an administration taking choices ,controlling extensive populace and individuals under you isn't a simple occupation.

There is no logical hypothesis that an informed individual will do great in each space of life than an uneducated individual.

Infact, I think life is the greatest instructor. It trains us a great deal regular. Much more than what an informed individual gets from his books.

Life is progressively handy. it enables us to gain from our slip-ups and gives us encounters that one can't get from anywhere.These encounters are an unquestionable requirement in running the political arrangement of the nation than the speculations we ponder in schools.