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Kamlesh Joshi

network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted 20 Oct, 2018 |

what a switch and router in networking?

@ | Posted 13 Feb, 2019

sreach on google

Cathar Jackson

Technician | Posted 12 Feb, 2019

If you want to get the detailed info about Router then I will suggest you go Router Support website there are so many blogs out there where you can get clear your confusion.

Kirati Kreations

Business Head at Kirati Kreations | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

Networking is the total process of creating & utilizing computer networks with related to hardware, software, protocols, wired & wireless technology. Networking involves an application of various theories from varying technological fields such as computer science, electrical engineering, IT & many more. Networking is the base for the establishment of hardware, protocol, software & many more. Networking has some elements known as switches, routers & many other required to make a machine or gadget.

A network switch also prominent as switching hub or bridging hub is a computer networking device that helps to connect several devices on a desktop by using packet switching for receiving, processing & forwarding data to its destination. A switch network uses multiport network bridge for hardware addresses to process & forward data at different data link layers. The router is another important element or a networking device that forwards packets full of data between different computer networks. Routers perform directing functions on the internet world. Data such as web page or email or web links sent through internet platform are forms of data packs. Multiple routers are connected & used to constitute mane internetwork which also helps in reaching the date to its destination.