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Pulkit jain

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what answer give of interviewer after asking question why are hired you for my company?


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Interviews square measure the foremost robust task to enter into any purported company, its one stone step to create a life ladder of our career. However several face toughest queries in our life a number of them square measure like, Tell Maine one thing concerning you? Offer your SWOT analysis? Why you're the simplest candidate for this job?

After all, the entire interview method is concerning respondent this question: Why ought to we have a tendency to rent you rather than one among the various alternative qualified applicants?
Every interview question is a shot to assemble data to tell this hiring call.
Most of the candidates that build it to the interview stage square measure qualified for the duty. The winning candidate should be over qualified, particularly in an exceedingly} very competitive job market.
Every rent may be a risk for the corporate. Your asker also will be taking a private career risk in recommending a selected candidate to rent.
This is often your likelihood to wow them together with your highlight reel. Your answer ought to summarize the highest 3 or four best reasons to rent you. It’s higher to possess 3 or four robust reasons with unforgettable descriptions and/or examples than to recite a laundry list of twelve strengths while not context.
This is often a chance to repeat your most spectacular strengths and/or describe your most unforgettable merchandising points, tailored to align with the highest necessities within the verbal description. Your 3-4 bullet points might embrace a mix of the following:
Industry expertise
Experience in playing sure tasks or duties
Technical skills
Soft skills
Key accomplishments
Some of the most effective examples you'll be able to undergo is like: - “Well, I actually have all of the abilities and skill that you’re searching for and I’m assured that i might be any person during this project management role.
It’s not simply my background leading winning comes for prime firms — or my individuals skills, which have helped Maine develop nice relationships with developers, vendors, and senior managers alike. However I’m conjointly captivated with this business and I’m driven to deliver high-quality work.”
Example Answer 2: computer programmer
“Honestly, I virtually want the task description was written with Maine in mind. I actually have the 6 years of programming expertise you’re searching for, a account of winning comes, and proved experience in agile development processes.
At an equivalent time, I actually have developed my communication skills from operating directly with senior managers, which implies I’m well ready to figure on high-profile, cross-department comes. I actually have the expertise to start out contribution from day one and that i am actually excited regarding the prospect of obtaining started.”
What individuals follows the mistakes:-
1. Lack of preparation — don’t try and wing it. You ought to take the time to arrange your 3-4 bullet points and appearance for opportunities to customize for any new chance. Then, you want to observe delivering your packaging till it feels comfy.
2. Modesty — this is often not the time to be modest or excusatory. you want to be prepared, willing, and ready to remark what causes you to a good rent. this may need some observe if you're naturally a touch modest.


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