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What are breast pumps?


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If you ask me, I would say that breast pumps are a blessing given to the mothers of infants by technology.

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As to the concept of breast pumps, Google defines them very accurately as “a device for drawing milk from a woman's breasts by suction”. This pretty much sums up your answer, but there is more you should know about this essential device.

First of all, let me tell you how useful breast pumps are:

• Breast pumps can be used for collecting a mother’s breast milk in bottles so that the milk can be used when the mother is not around.

• It frees the mothers to be always on call for all the feeding sessions. This helps mothers to have some time for themselves and is really a boon for working mothers.

• Breast pumps can also help in stimulating milk production, hence increasing the supply of milk.

• The collected milk ensures sufficient supplies of milk for a premature baby, who may need more than the usual amount of milk, or for those babies who have difficulty in lathing up to the mother’s breasts.

• It can relieve the pain of engorged breasts.

Now, let’s see how many types of breast pumps are available for mothers:

This milk-drawing device is mainly available in two types, manual pumps, and electric pumps.

Manual breast pumps: For those mothers who use the collected milk-feeding only rarely, can use the manual breast pumps the extraction of milk with them involves a squeezing or pulling mechanism, which needs to be operated with hands. It takes around 45 minutes to express milk from manual breast pumps.

Electric breast pumps: These are used by those mothers who rely heavily on this kind of feeding, either because of work or due to other reasons. These pumps work on electric motors which you just need to switch on. It just takes 15 minutes with the electric pumps to extract milk from both the breasts.

How to use:

It may be strange to use it initially, but one gets the hang of it very soon. After that, it is a quick and easy process. Both electric and manual pumps require you to put a breast phalange over the nipples. The pumps that suction the milk mimic the ***** action of babies. Henceforth, they don’t hurt.

The suctioned milk is collected in an attached container, which you can store in air-tight bottles.

Watch this video to know more about how to use breast pumps: 


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