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Posted 05 Oct, 2019 |

What are some good educational activities for a toddler?

Rohit Arora

Project Manager, Blooger | |Updated 12 Dec, 2019

i usually play with my nephew but its an online game that is free and fun to play. Its name is Dad and me and its an amazing game with a lot of surprises and fun. Teaming up with my little one is awesome.. 

red chimpz

executive | Posted 10 Oct, 2019

Nowadays best activities for every toddler are the play learning games using AR VR technology in which kids learn through play and RedChimpz helps for this, Wondering whether technology is corrupting or boosting the minds of the younger generation? Well, here is the answer. The technology if not used efficiently becomes an addiction in no time, while if utilized to the fullest in the right ways, it can boost not only minds but also the work ethics by leaps and bounds. But, to one’s astonishment, as much as technology is helping almost every field grow in more than ways that can be imagined, it might also be harmful to the young ones who start playing useless games on smartphones all day long, beholding their growth process.

If technology can help the elders grow their business and professions, it can equally benefit the kids to develop their skills and boost their brain powers. One of the most popular technologies that are being used in almost every field, and is also helping in their prosperity is Augmented Reality.
As such, along with use in other domains, Augmented Reality games have been developed which help in increasing the perspective and imagination of the toddlers. Not just Augmented Reality games, but also, online educational games for learning are also other options.
These educational games for kids are not just a means of leisure activities, but an escape from the traditional methods of learning which can be used by both the parents and teachers alike to guide the kids and indulge them in some fun-learning activities.
So, the kids learning toys and kids' educational games would not become an addiction unlike others, and also help the kids develop their intellectual, cognitive and creative skills helping in boosting the brainpower of kids.
If you are looking for some of the most interactive games, you can easily find a huge variety on Redchimpz, with the games having features of AR as well as 5D technology.


Posted 05 Oct, 2019

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