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What are some important questions for BSc 1st year 2nd semester questions?


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 In BSc exams, different types of questions are asked. If we discuss chemistry, you have to prepare conceptual questions and read the book thoroughly. Generally, theory-based questions are more important in BSc exams. Practice previous 10 years paper will help you a lot.
Here are some important questions from each part of Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry).
Inorganic Chemistry:
  • MOT (Molecular Orbital Theory), and how does MOT id different from VBT ( Valence Bond Theory)?
  • Write a short note on bond Energy.
  • Define Fajan's Rule with its application?
  • Explain Lattice energy
  • VSEPR Theory
  • S-block elements, p-block elements
  • Froth Flotation Process
  • A short note on Wave-Particle Duality of matter
  • What do you mean by Wave Mechanical concept of Atomic Structure?
  • Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?
  • Define Probability Density?
  • The shape of Orbitals? Discuss the shapes of s, p, d- orbitals?
  • Describe Schrodinger’s wave equation for Hydrogen atom?
  • Write a note on Pauli’s Exclusion Law? And also write its application?
  • What is Hybridization? It's Rules? And it's typed?
  • Differentiate between Polar and Nonpolar Covalent Bonds?
  • Define Electrovalent, organic bond, electrovalency?
  • Vander Waal Forces? Its nature and sources?
  • The position of Alkali Earth Metals in the Periodic table?
  • What are organometallic compounds of Li?
  • The position of Inert Gases in the Periodic Table?
  • How can we separate Hydrogen and Nitrogen from the air?
  • Explain Inert Pair Effect?
  • Structure of Boric acid?
  • Preparation method of carbon dioxide and its Uses?
  • Haber’s Method of ammonia, its uses and properties?
  • Define Hypo with its uses and properties?
  • Oxyacids of Iodine?
  • Physical Chemistry:
  • Kinetic Theory of Ideal Gas and its Postulates?
  • Derive Various Gas Laws from Kinetic Gas equation?
  • Differentiate between real gas and ideal gas?
  • Define Critical Phenomena?
  • Maxwell Distribution Law of molecular Speed?
  • Describe the Liquefaction of Gases?
  • Structural Difference among solids, liquids and gases?
  • Structure of liquids, explain the Theories of Liquid state?
  • What do you mean by Intermolecular Forces?
  • Define Liquid Crystals? Why are they called liquid crystals?
  • What are amorphous solids and how they are different from crystalline?
  • What is Crystallography? Explain the laws of crystallography?
  • Bragg’s Equation for diffraction of X-Rays by Crystals and discuss its application?
  • Radius ratio Rule?
  • Differentiate between Lyophilic and Lyophobic?
  • Explain the preparation methods of Colloidal Sol? And it's properties? Application?
  • Emulsion and its preparation methods and types?
  • The velocity of Reaction? What are the factors which affect the rate of Reaction?
  • Independence of reaction rate on concentration?
  • Differentiate between Molecularity and order of reaction?
  • Effect of temperature on the rate of reaction?
  • What is the energy of activation?
  • Describe Photochemical Reaction?
  • What is the fast reaction? And how their mechanism is determined?
  • The assumption of Simple collision theory of reaction rates?
  • Explain Catalysts and its types and uses?
  • Catalytic reaction?
  • Enzyme catalyst of biochemical catalysts.
  • Adsorption theory of catalysts?
  • Chloroform?
  • Organic Chemistry:
  • Nature of covalent bond?
  • Difference between sigma and pi bond and which is stronger and why?
  • Tetravalency of carbon?
  • Resonance and resonance energy?
  • Inductive effect?
  • Inclusion compounds, and discuss inclusion compound of urea?
  • Difference between Hemolytic Fission and heterolytic fission?
  • Free Radicals and its stability?
  • Arenas? Its structure and reaction?
  • Wurtz fitting reaction with mechanism?
  • Geometrical Isomerism and its reasons?
  • Conformation? Draw all the conformation structures?
  • What is Glycol?
  • Methods of formation of alcohol dehydration?
  • What are toluene and its preparation methods?
  • Gatterman reaction?
  • Aldol reaction?
  • Flying Wedge Formula?
  • Olefins?
  • Why do alkenes give addition reactions?
  • Benzene and its homologues?
  • Nucleophilic substitution reaction?
  • Styrene? (Uses and properties)?
  • Polynuclear hydrocarbons?
  • Above are some important topics for chemistry B.Sc. 2nd Semester.


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