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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

What are some secrets of making money in stockmarket that successful people know and others don’t?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

One thingthatI haveseenprofitabletraders/investors alwaysdo and newbies don’tis taking (calculative) risks. A regular, newtraderwouldrathersave the money inthebank thango for some risky investments. On the other hand,asuccessful traderoftendoesn’t mindgetting intosuch diceyavenues. Theydon’t mind taking any risk.And at the end of the day,this isthe biggest difference-makerbetweenthese twogroups.It’s also the biggest secret.

So,if you’re looking to make more money in stock market, you must be ready to take necessary(and often essential) risks.The more risksyou take, the more money you can make. Now here’s a thing though. Taking risksjust for the sake of it isn’t aright choice. Successful traders/investors don’t mindgetting intohigh-risk, high reward scenario—but they do that only after doing thorough research, doing technical analysis, factoring various aspects of suchdecisions,and even consulting experts.So,you must take risk only after beingsure that such move is beneficial for yourportfolio and willunlock bigger rewardsinthefuture.

Another thing—here’s a general rule ofthestockmarket: never invest your money that you cannot afford to lose.Successful people invest/trade big intheriskystock marketbecause they have a lot of money and they canafford such risks.On the other hand, if you’rea new trader/investor, this may not necessarily be the case for you.You might not have sufficient fund toeven invest/trade, let alone risking it to lose.In such case, of course, you should avoid getting into anything risky. This also means, first, you must accrueenough fund, have multiplesourcesof income andhave sufficientbalance to invest/trade in stock market.Get there and then take (calculative) risks.

All in all, taking risk is the biggest secret of making money in stock market, in my opinion, that successful traders/investorsknow,and others don’t. There arefew(not entirely)secretsthatprofitable playersknow,and newbiesdon’t. Likestarting early,planning planningand planning, learning, not blindly trusting the news,hiring a reliable consultant,diversifying the portfolio and taking things slowly.

Good luck!