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What are the areas where the Modi government has failed to perform?


teacher | Posted

Despite the fact that the Modi govt. has had numerous victories particularly on the international strategy front it has had a decent amount of certain disappointments also.
Some of them being:
During the political race BJP guaranteed the citizens had it would come hard on the individuals who had reserved their riches abroad so as to avoid duties and power them to take their dark cash back to India. So far none of this has occurred. Despite the fact that govt has passed the Black Money Act .
The govt couldn't gather enough political will to pass the changed Land Acquisition Bill in the parliament. Despite the fact that it was broadly accepted that the current Act is imperfect and India required a law that would facilitate the whole land obtaining measure subsequently prompting an expansion in simplicity of working together .The govt confronted monstrous political resistance and inferable from fights needed to pull back the bill.
Reluctance with respect to the govt. to go for privatization of misfortune making PSUs has puzzled many. For FY 15 the govt missed the mark regarding its objective and has no designs to privatize misfortune making PSUs like the Air India.
As properly pointed in a portion of the appropriate responses reluctance or failure of the govt to deal with any semblance of Robert Vadra for charges of land getting and terrorizing has come as an amazement to many.
I should add that inability to pass the GST can't be credited to the govt since it doesn't have good numbers in the Rajyasabha and the congress has been impeding the entry of the bill without holding back.
Anyway the achievements of this govt far exceed these disappointments as an outcome of which it is still enjoies gigantic well known help and validity.



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