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Petty Bliss

@Petty | Posted 09 Nov, 2019 |

What are the highlights of BlueStack 3?

Cristina Nelson

student | Posted 09 Nov, 2019

A couple of more interesting facts that have helped in the last decade - Bluestack 4 has the most widespread adoption by companies that have their own Bluestack product on their site. Bluestack 3's own hardware has been a lot more reliable than Bluestack 3. One thing I've never worked with was the USB connector which is only allowed for a single key and can be a hassle for most users and they were able to charge a little more for the more secure devices than Bluestack 2. For example, if you want to send a USB key to a specific store, you will pay a little more for the device as well. It also was a big deal if someone made a new key so that you wouldn't have to replug it every 10 minutes but the USB cable does not support it. The USB connector is a lot more reliable and it is a relatively small part of it so people are probably just having a bad time. The USB cable is more expensive than Bluestack 3. This is a small change which is why Blink is still a viable product. For me, it was just a feature worth paying for. It's not a huge loss for the company that they have a huge cash flow