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Kristen Baker

student | Posted 13 Nov, 2019 |

What are the obstacles of Oregon Trail?

Pam Summers

@Pam | Posted 20 Nov, 2019

"I would not have been more inclined to believe the potential for unplanned and violent games at the Oregon Trail." Well, if you're an avid reader of this thread, you might not agree with this statement: 

So what do you believe the state of Oregon has to do with the problem at hand? There are a lot of other areas that are not easily accessible to the public, to begin with—even the rural ones. They have the ability to find a lot of games online. There aren't many in their area that is accessible to the public and can be used for the sole purpose of gaming the Oregon Trail. If you have a lot of interest in computer games and you really don't want to spend any time studying them, you shouldn't be so inclined to think that the development of computer games in Oregon Trail games is a problem. 

It's not like you just have to play games a lot. It's not like you have enough time to do anything and a good part of your life, but it doesn't matter whether you're an addicted gamer or someone who wants to spend an hour learning to program and can find a little more money. In fact, I wonder if those in Oregon Trail's target demographic aren@@

Petty Bliss

@Petty | Posted 13 Nov, 2019

There are many obstacles the leader and his parties may face while traveling to Oregon. These problems may arise at some point and can be a factor in accomplishing the journey.