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mahesh reddy

excutive | Posted 21 Aug, 2019 |

what are the python libraries?

saurabh jha

Digital marketing traniee | |Updated 18 Jul, 2020


Python library is the collection of functions that allows you to execute many actions without using any code. It helps to perform any function without coding. Some of the  Python libraries are:

  • TensorFlow
  • Requests
  • Py Torch
  • NetworkX 

These are the suggestion which I tell you about the python library, So that you can go for it.


@John | |Updated 09 Sep, 2019

Python Library is heap methods and functionalities you can use to implement for many actions without the use of codes. Particularly, PIL (the Python Imaging Library) is the major library used to manipulate images in python. Pillow is an updated version and an actively developed PIL fork which additionally helps to open, manipulate, and save a wide array of image file formats.

Moreover, Open-CV is another Library of python which is also connected to C++, C#, Java, etc. is designed to resolve the real-time computer vision problems. Each python library is enclosed with a huge number of effective modules which can be imported from the day-to-day programming.

Python is popular amongst the data scientists and others who are involved in creating Artificial Intelligence. Various businesses prefer to use this library for creating FinTech (financial technology), healthcare products, transportation, and travel & booking products. For being the best option for creating most novel solutions, python is ultimately very popular amongst startups.