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Camilla Thomas

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

What are the reasons behind the decline in number of students in government schools of Punjab?


student | Posted on

The understudies of elementary schools get free uniform, books and late morning supper, other than a stipend of Rs 50 every month. Lion's share of the youngsters concentrating in these schools originate from the minimized areas of the general public.


Area training official (essential) Didar Singh stated, "At present, there are an aggregate of 47,948 understudies, including 23,041 young ladies, in government grade schools of the locale."


He conceded that there has been a decrease in the quantity of understudies this time when contrasted with the most recent year.


The legislature has propelled Parvesh Project to keep a track on the advancement of elementary school understudies to grant them quality instruction.


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Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

It is very saddening that government schools in Punjab are facing a decline in number of students since five years. It has declined by 2 lakhs and the reason is deteriorating infrastructure and lack of quality education, along with other facilities. Due to this middle class and affluent families refrain from sending their kids to government schools. Only the children belonging to lower economic section of Punjab region go to these schools now and even this number is on decline.


 According to former education minister and SAD leader Daljit Singh Cheema, the actions are being taken for the development of infrastructure of the government schools. Partly, the decline accounts for the duplication which is being corrected by linking students with Aadhar Card.
Still the degradation cannot be ignored. Few days back a case was filed in Madras High Court against government schools not providing quality education to the students and hence devoiding them of their “right to education”. Read about it here.
Our country’s education policies should look after the conditions of government schools properly as the education of children belonging to economically weaker section of the country depends on them.