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Lara Gomes

@letsuser | Updated 21 Jul, 2018 |

What are the tech products that are failed?

Vasanthi Gopalan

Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted 14 Jun, 2018

Not every technical product that are introduced in the market is successful at the very beginning of their introduction. The graveyard of technical products is puzzled with the reason for their failure. Cutting edge products may die an embarrassing death but they lay a foundation for some other product which will be better than those failed products.  Let us see some unsuccessful technology or device of our time.

Windows 8 - Removal of iconic start button in Microsoft's windows 8, launched in 2012 was the biggest mistake of Microsoft's too-big-to-fail computing since its existence from Windows 95. Windows 8 was worked fine with surface tablets but was a disaster in desktop and laptop.

Google Glass -  Google glass which was introduced in 2012, had possibly the most hyped launches of a gadgets of all time. It failed because of high price ( $1500) and concerns about privacy. The glass can record video discretely, which impelled some bars and restaurants to ban it. Even now some people may have it.

Apple's Newton Message pad - In the line of personal data assistance, Apple's Newton Message pad was supposed to be Apple's next big hit after Macintosh. It was introduced in 1993 for $699, with first generation hand writing recognition, able to recognise 10,000 and more  words, some impressive AI abilities and a whole lot more. But Newton message pad was not picked up. Initial negative press and lack of internet may be the reason for its failure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - After getting great reviews about its performance and look, Samsung Galaxy note 7 literally got fire or exploded number of times. Even after replacement, the devices got fire or smoked. Samsung note 7 caused evacuation of a southwest Airlines Flight and smoke inhalation for another. Finally Samsung stopped the sale of Galaxy note 7  on October 2016 and permanently discontinued the phone from the next day.

Segway  - Other than the Original iPhone launch, only very few of the gadgets got this much publicity for launching in history. Dean Kamen's Project Ginger got all the praise for its new age scooter Segway. But it was failed gloomily.  Priced at $5,000 , the Segway didn't even come close up to its expectations.