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Emily Etheridge

Blogger | Posted 03 May, 2019 |

What are things to avoid when planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Emma Clarke

Marketing | Posted 27 Nov, 2019

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Kobe Sy

student | Posted 09 Oct, 2019

Hi Emily, The first thing you must avoid is to avoid to buy a low-quality product for remodeling to your kitchen. Be wise from buying products make sure that the product has passed the quality standards you are looking for. Buy the affordable buy has good quality so that it will last long and so that the output of the remodeling is good. Avoid choosing a bad color and design. Choose the best color that is attracted to your eyes. Because it is more comfortable if the color is beautiful. Last, be wise from hiring a service for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Make sure it is proven and tested so that the output of it will be good and successful. I hope you choose the best bathroom remodeling service in your house.

bell john

Blogger | |Updated 23 Sep, 2019

I just want personally recommended to avoid colorful renovation. Gives your kitchen an elegant look with trendy Matte Black renovation accessories.  

Maria Garcia

Blogger | Posted 30 May, 2019

There is few things you should avoid and consider when you are planning  remodel a kitchen or bathroom:

  • First clear your remodeling plan. Don’t confuse cabinet price with performance and put your money         where it counts when it comes to cabinets.
  • Considering how much time the average person spends there, and the role it plays in the daily routine,  of course you’d want it to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Water and slick surfaces make bathrooms and kitchen risky places. Floors, tubs and shower areas should have slip-resistant finishes add rubber mats or stick-on strips, if needed.

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Posted 03 May, 2019

There are many minor issues but the two main ones are knowing what you want (so there are not regrets once the job is done) and having the remodel completed within your budget. The best way to meet these imperatives is to work with a design-build remodeling company which will be able to create a kitchen or bathroom design that works for you and is within your budget. Once that is done, the company will turn the concepts into the reality you want. In other words, you will get the bathroom or kitchen you expect with no reasons for regrets later on.

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