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krithi krish

@krithi | Posted 22 Mar, 2019 |

What is a Do-Follow link?

Naveen Kumar

Software Developer | Posted 30 Apr, 2019

A good balance of do-follow and no-follow links is the sign of a good website. Do-follow links allow Google to follow them and reach our website. It is not hard to create do-follow links just go to the website which allows do-follow link just submit a link or article. There are several DIgital Marketing Company in India which are creating a do-follow link to rank their website in search engine.

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SEO Executive | Posted 27 Apr, 2019

Basically Do follow backlinks can be consider as the the links that allows search engine to count them as quality links, and that can help to the website for better SERP.

sanjana d

Training & development | Posted 27 Apr, 2019

There are 2 types of links are considered DO-Follow & No-Follow.

Do-follow links pass the Link juice to the linked webpage and boast the targeted page rank in SERP. While the No-follow links don't pass any link juice to the pages.

Dofollow links attributes allow search engine bots to follow the links and Nofollow are quite opposite to Dofollow.

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ayan rdd

Marketing Execute | Posted 27 Apr, 2019

Do follow links are HTML attributes that is used to allow search bots to follow the links.

for example costofliving.

lets user

SEO Executive | Posted 26 Apr, 2019

Basically do follow back link can be consider as the important part of SEO

Mohit Poddar

student | Posted 25 Apr, 2019

Do follow links are those links which allow search engines to follow them and count them as the quality of votes.

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Mohit Poddar

student | Posted 06 Apr, 2019

Do follow links are those links which allows search engines to follow them and reach our website.

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Jagriti Malik

@Jagriti | Posted 24 Mar, 2019

Do follow is a link discriptor that allows Google to follow them and reach your website.

Only Dofollow links pass link juice to the linked webpage and influence the targets page rank. 

If you or any other webmaster is linking back to your website with this link then both human and search engines can follow you. This is for obvious reasons a good practice and a good way to provide someone with does follow link juice through the keyword in the anchor text. 

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soni Affiliate

Affiliate, web hosting expert and blogger | Posted 23 Mar, 2019

It is used in SEO that has two attributes one is dofollow and second is nofollow attribute. Dofollow link is counted by Google and it will pass on benefit for a long period of time. 

Ashu Sharma

Blogger | Posted 22 Mar, 2019

Dofollow links allow Google to follow those links and reach our website by giving us backlinks.
If a webmaster is linking back to you with this link both Search Engine and Humans will be able to follow you.