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mahesh reddy

excutive | Posted 07 Apr, 2020 |

What is Serialization in Python?

mahesh reddy

excutive | Posted 08 Apr, 2020

Python is the top programming language to develop several kinds of applications. This language is suggested by many developers to develop all kinds of applications including large and small. Today many people opt for these programming languages due to its great extensive features. Moreover, this programming language has a rich library set. And this is one of the reasons for many developers to opt for this programming language. As mentioned in the previous points, besides the rich library set offers several important features. One of these important features is Serialization. Today, in this article of the blog, I’m going to explain the concept of Serialization in python.

There is no end for some phrases to be written. One such phrase is NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION. Today scientists do not invent anything without the need? Hence prior to knowing about the serialization in python, let us initially know

Why do we need serialization?

Data is the biggest gift that the internet has given to the people in these days. This data plays a major role in the analysis of the business. Some companies get data from their previous traffic. While the other approach some other third parties for the data. Moreover, in these modern days, it is not possible for all the people to work at the same place. Hence these people make use of the internet to transfer the data from one place to another. But it takes a lot for time on the internet to transfer the actual data from place to the other.

So in order to send the same amount of data, people use some techniques to transfer from place to the other in a short span of time. Moreover, with this technique, people can send data through the internet at low weight. As mentioned above, there are many ways to send data over the internet. One such way is Serialization.

So I hope you people have got enough idea of the need for serialization, now lets us move forward to

Serialization is the process of converting the object (or) data into some other format where they can be stored and retrieved later. Since the data is transformed and stored in another format, it allows the features of restoring and deserializing the data from the serialized form. Besides the data conversion, this serialization also allows us to reduce the data size. Hence this data gets fit in the given data storage (or) the bandwidth.