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What is something you never thought you-d experience in your life?


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One thing that I had never thought would happen to me was the absence of my parents. Recalling the incident still traumatizes me like hell. I was 13 years old then and our family was coming back from a family function. My father usually doesn’t drink when he’s out with family because it’s his responsibility to drive us back home. But that day he had met his school friend after 20 years and he couldn’t resist himself from celebrating.

So we were coming back from the party and it was 2 AM. Roads are usually empty at this hour and so was the case that night. The music in the car was unusually loud because both mom and dad were afraid of dozing off. I was on the backseat, trying to sleep despite all the noise.

Suddenly, I felt a ***** and my head hit the back of the seat on which my mother was supposed to be. It took me quite a few minutes to realize there is no one on the driving seat or the passenger seat and all I could see was a big tree trunk.

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First I shouted for mom and dad and then started crying. I think I fainted after that and the next thing I remember was lying on a hospital bed with all my family members surrounding me except my parents.

Since then I have just seen them only in my dreams and photographs and their absence now has become a presence which haunts me every moment. My grandparents brought me up after the death of my parents and when I look at my other friends I realize how for granted children take the presence of their parents to be. Having to live without parents is the most difficult thing in this world, and no child wants to experience that.  


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