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Posted 20 Apr, 2020 |

What is the maximum limit of KCC?

Nancy Ahuja

Blogger | |Updated 21 Apr, 2020

The maximum credit limit under KCC depends on the lending institution. They take into account a farmer’s income and other factors before setting such a limit. It also depends on the scale of finance and cropping pattern a farmer has proposed. 

It must be noted that the credit limit can undergo an increase at a rate of 10% for every following year till the 5th year.

Some financial institution may also offer accident insurance to eligible farmers. Applicants must find out more about the same in details to make the most of it. 

Similarly, they check if a financial institution has set any exclusive eligibility criteria to initiate the kisan card apply process.

Who can avail KCC?

Typically, these types of applicants can avail KCC –

1) Individual farmers.
2) Joint borrowers who are owner cultivators.
3) Tenant farmers.
4) Sharecroppers.
5) Oral lessees.
6) Self-help groups. 
7) Joint liability group, including sharecroppers, tenant farmers, etc.

Also, to support eligibility, farmers should find out about the essential documents which they need to submit. Similarly, they should enquire about the Kisan Card apply process both online and offline to select a more convenient option.